Eathing Healthy

2 years into our marriage and I would have to say that the biggest change - other than Andrea - would be our eating habits. We eat so much more now compared to before we were married. It's sad I know but it's completely true.

In the Philippines this is taken as a sign that you're happy with your marriage. While I would admit that I am (I don't know if Ruy is, I better ask him), I don't think our eating habits have anything to do with happiness. We are just simple voracious eaters. We are not gourmets, we are gourmands.

We have talked about eating better, now that Andrea is growing the motivation to do this is even greater. We know we need to be role models for Andrea. Yes, she eats healthy food now but she will eventually want to eat whatever it is we're eating. This means we better start eating healthier food...and fast.

There are lots of sugar substitutes out there but a lot of them taste artificial. Salt substitutes on the other hand are a bit harder to come across here in the Philippines. I watched a show in Discovery Channel explaining that while the tongue has a lot of sugar receptors - which explains the fact that there are soooo many sugar alternatives out there - meanwhile, there is only one salt receptor resulting in a very limited number of alternatives for salt.

The good news: we saw a website which offers yummy looking salt alternatives. The bad news: it's not available locally. Waaah.

I guess eating healthily will have to wait (don't you just love excuses?)


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gourmandtales said...

theres PANSALT available in the supermarket, have i tried it?

Liv said...

Thanks for the tip. We'll try that =)

Sunnysideup said...

can relate to you here :) i seem to never run out of excuses, but i'm working on it. since i got married i found it harder to diet and exercise. most especially since im married to a food lover. if cant beat them join em :P

Maver said...

yes i love excuses and i never seem to run out of them :) keep on blogging! :)

Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

My husband and I both love to eat, too. I actually ballooned to 133 lbs from my original of 110 lbs. because we would often dine out. I lost those unwanted pounds after giving birth to our baby boy and after having been cured of my hormonal imbalance. Now that we're parents, we're now more conscious of the food we eat. But my husband could not get rid of junk food in the house. I guess hard habits are really hard to break.



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