Almost Gourmet Frost

We fully intended to blog, once...twice...maybe even four times during our long absence. We really did! Unfortunately intention doesn't mean much specially when life takes over. Ruy's busy at work, and I was busy working at home. We had to make a lot of adjustments with our new set-up but generally, we are happy with the way things are.

I love that I get to stay at home and take care of Andrea and Ruy's happy that he gets to go home to food he didn't cook. YES, I now cook most of the meals at home. Oh how our roles have changed. I'm not complaining. It's rewarding cooking at home, albeit my repertoire is nowhere near as vast and as complicated as Ruy's...we get by. There are times though that even I get tired of my cooking. I was a bit confused, I was wondering if everyone experiences this or is my cooking just not that good that I was bound to get tired of it at a certain point. My unofficial survey showed that most people who cook really do get tired of their own cooking. Ha! So there, my cooking is not the culprit after all.

During one of those times when I was in a cooking rut, I received a text from a dear friend Joyce Miranda talking about their latest offering. Almost Gourmet (ALGO) frost bites are frozen dishes ready for cooking (that way you can also pretend that it's your own family recipe). So while my tummy was craving for the other ALGO treats I was already familiar with, I decided to trust Joyce's recommendation and I gave ALGO Frost a go.

Herbed Parmesan Chicken Sticks:
It looks so simple yet they were so flavorful. It also comes with a yummy honey mustard dip that adds another layer of flavor to this dish. You know what the best part about this dish is? KIDS WILL LOVE IT! Andrea was initially put off by the "green leaves" or the herbs but as soon as she tried a little bit, she was sold.

Aged and Seasoned Australian Steak:
The moment Ruy saw this on the table he smiled and said "Wow, am I at home? Parang nasa resto tayo ah". Yup, that's exactly what this feels like. A few minutes on the pan and ta-da. A gourmet meal at your house....and the gravy is part of the package too!!!

There are times when I want to go all out and cook the best meal for Ruy and Andrea but there are also times when I would rather put all that effort into being more present...doing things with them. And in the past, when I want more time to spend with them, it usually meant frying SPAM but it doesn't mean that anymore. Now I don't have to choose between having really yummy food and spending more time with my loves (yikee). (Photos to Follow)

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