Peanut Monster

One of my favorite things to make:

Spicy garlic peanuts with green onions

I buy peanuts from a stand, fry lots of sliced garlic and put them together. After around 2 minutes of frying, I mix in minced chili peppers then quickly remove everything from the heat. As it cools down, I add lots of chopped green onions. Salt to taste.

Spicy peanuts with lots of toasted garlic is already awesome in itself, but with green onions, another layer of flavor and texture is added. A trace of sweetness with a fresh crunch.... I love it.

I’m usually found eating this while watching a nice film on dvd, reading a book or when I’m just lazing around the house with an ice cold beer.=)

Thanks to my dad for this recipe which he cooked every now and then while I was growing up.

My appetite was just ferocious when I was a kid. As a result, I've been given many food related nicknames by my aunts and uncles. Among those which I remember are "Lumpia Monster" and of course... "Peanut Monster". ;p


Mabel said...

I love peanuts too. craving for it right now because of your post (laughs).

Ruy said...

Mabel: Hi! Why don't you go get some (or a lot) right this moment?The good thing about peanuts is that its... Peanuts.=)
Thanks for dropping by.

spanx said...

mr. mani!

kailan ka magpapainum
sa casa reyes?!?!?

nimujj said...
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