Every single time we decide to eat somewhere other than our home Ruy and I always struggle. There are so many options out there and it’s a challenge trying to come up with one place that Ruy and I both want to try at that particular time. Usually Ruy asks me if I’m craving for any particular cuisine. Do I want Spanish? Italian? Chinese? Filipino? Etc, etc, etc. Never do we consider Portugese Cuisine. We Filipinos haven’t had that much exposure to Portugese Cuisine and I must admit that my knowledge of Portugese Cuisine is limited to the Portugese egg tarts. So to say I was hesitant when Ruy suggested trying out the newly opened Osonho in Eastwood would be an understatement..

Being the *ahem* obedient wife I went along with Ruy to Osonho and boy oh boy my palate thanks Ruy for suggesting Osonho.

We decided to try their bestsellers since it’s our first time in Osonho. We had their Coffee Marinated Roast Pork, Peri Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice, Bacalhau de “O’sonho” and their Mint Iced Tea.

Coffee Marinated Roast Pork – Php 420

If I were to describe this dish in one word I would have to say it’s BOLD. The flavors are strong, in-your-face, and wonderful. Be prepared for a tug-o-war of flavors in your mouth – a bit of sweetness from the sweet potato, the familiar bitterness from the coffee and the rich flavor of the pork. As much as I wanted to hoard this dish to myself I literally couldn’t as the chops were huge. Ruy and I wondered how the meat remained moist despite the long cooking time.

Peri Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice – Php 320

We have heard rave reviews about O’sonho’s peri peri chicken but I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down excitedly before tasting this dish. I’ve tried peri peri chicken before and the entire experience was unpleasant and I wasn’t sure I wanted a repeat of that experience.

When the chicken arrived I was surprised at how ordinary it looked. It was this ordinary appearance which gave me the courage to try peri peri chicken again. OH MY GOD. The skin was unbelievable. It was tasty and crisp and just beautiful.

The chicken was cooked perfectly. Moist, tasty with a wonderfully crisp skin. (It was so good I told Ruy I should have become a scientist and my life would be devoted to creating a kind of chicken with two layers of skin)

Bacalhau de “O’sonho” – Php420

I wanted to eat the whole bowl myself. I was trying to give Ruy the evil eye but he wouldn’t take the hint so I had to be content with sharing this with him. Don’t be fooled by the small container. There’s so much flavor in every spoonful you really don’t need much for all this bread….in fact we had to order more pita triangles as we still had a lot of Bacalhau left!

The restaurant looks a bit intimidating from the outside. The interiors have a somewhat luxurious feel to it that I had prepared myself to pay an exorbitant amount for the food. The price was surprisingly reasonable considering the quality of food, the location and the amount of food you’re getting!

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graey eats said...

hi, I read so much reviews on O'sonho already, and I've even recommended this to my friends without stepping into it, but I still have yet to visit this place! Boo!

Anyway, I do read your site from time to time, and I've noticed that it's been the same review since feb. More posts if you guys have time, please! And congratulations for living on your own! :D



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