Random Whinings

Liv: Can you give me one reason why you love me?


After a few minutes…

Ruy: Cause you’re sweet.

– silence —

Ruy: Eh you can you give me a reason?

Of course I was able to do so immediately.

Is it karma? Cause I was berating Aaron for having to think for so long before giving me a reply when I asked him to give me his reason for loving his gf?

What does sweet mean anyway? In my heart of hearts I know I’m not sweet. If you will rate the people inside my room in the office I’ll probably be at the bottom of the list of sweet people. Is sweet the same as nice? Cute? Ok? The things you say when you can’t find something nice to say?

I have a friend who always uses the word charming when describing babies who are not pretty. That way the mother wouldn’t take offense. Is sweet parallel to charming? Weheheh

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