Chickpeas Crazy

What should a man do to get his peace?

For a month I kept going back to this question as a murmur at the back of my head haunted me, constantly whispering two maddening syllables.

"Hummus, hummus, hummussss...."

It was like a rythmic chant that would send forth an accompanying gurgle from my treacherous acidic stomach.

"Pita, pita, pita...."

It was driving me crazy...

Thats me craving.

For a month I schemed, I dropped hints, I enticed and did practically everything I could to coax my sweet dearie Liv into singing the same mediterranean melody. Alas, it was not to be. Weekend after weekend of eating out everywhere (good places) passed but unfortunately, they just weren't the solution to my dilemma.

"hummus, Hummus, HUMMUSSS...."

The chant was getting louder and realizing that I was about to go more insane than I already am, I took the only option available.

I made it of course.;p

I never thought I'd ever make my own hummus (one of the things I just got used to eating out of restos), I never thought it was possible for mere mortals... As it turns out, it's quite easy.=)

Hummus was sesame seeds, olive oil, lime, salt and water blended together (which makes the tahini) that's then blended with garbanzos, garlic, lemon juice, garlic more water and more olive oil (the more the merrier!), salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

Pita was more difficult and scary as doughs intimidate me but using some flour (I wanted to use wheat flour but I had none available), yeast, warm water, olive oil, sugar and curry powder which I kneaded, rolled, flattened and baked, I came out ok.

The result was homemade hummus partnered with homemade pita (tweaked a bit to add a mild curry flavor).

I loved how it turned out. It was a medley of the wonderful flavors of tangy lime and lemon, garlic, rich chickpeas and olive oil slathered over bites of hot, chewy curry pita.

Aaahhh... Contentment.

No more noises, no more voices. Just peace.


Nina Lumberio said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting :) I like hommus...hummus...whatever it is called. But I just buy it from the food shops here - also freshly made.

Ruy said...

Nina: Hey! Thanks for dropping by! Hommus/hummus rocks!

spanx said...

great stomachs eat alike...

i've been having sweet garbanzos
for dessert this past week!!!
(over shaved ice +
alaska evaporada)

caryn said...

hi! dropping by from toni's weekend soiree.

hm, so thats how you make it huh? thanks! will try it out soon. thanks for the tip!

carlotta1924 said...

wow, homemade pita and hummus... yum. =) this i gotta say: ang tiyaga mo talaga magluto. =)

Jen said...

House of Ruru is back in business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ruy said...

Spanx: Yeah.;p That's just perfect for the weather!

Caryn: Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I hope it works out should you try it too.=)

Carlotta: One of the things a man must do to keep his sanity.;p

Jen: Yup it is! Haha!! Thanks for waiting.=)

oggi said...

I also prefer homemade hummus but I buy pitas from the store. Have you tried chick pea fries, they're also very yummy and healthy too.:)

BTW, I tagged you last week for a personality test but forgot to tell you. Don't feel obligated to post it though if you decide to take the test. It's very interesting and may be helpful specially for young people starting their career or something.

acey said...

mmmmmmmmm! looks good!

Ruy said...

Oggi: I've never tried chick pea fries. Would you have a recipe?=)
I'm currently working on that very interesting test.;p

Ruy said...

Acey: Hi there. Thanks a lot!=)

Marvin said...

Wow, making your own hummus is impressive enough. But your own pita bread too?!! Very nice.

christine said...

Would you belive hummus was one of the first things I ever learned to make on my own? That and baba ghanoush, yum, I love them both and make them often. I'm impressed you made your own tahini, I've never made any of my own. Your hummus photo is making me crave now! :)

Ruy said...

Marvin: I had to overcome my doubts but in the end it turned out very well (thankfully). Thanks!

Christine: I've never tried making baba ghanoush but you just gave me a great idea.=)
Thank you!
The photo also makes me long for the hummus that was (which is now a mere memory)... Haha.

christine said...

Haha you're welcome! I have a recipe in my blog if you'd like to check it out. Otherwise use the same one and just sub the chickpeas with grilled (peeled) eggplant. :) Enjoy!

Ruy said...

Christine: Great, will do!



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