Seafood Challenge

Recently, we got a nice haul of prawns brought over from Leyte courtesy of my vacationing parents. They came in various sizes which included some that were so huge they were bordering on "mutant-ish"! They were so big in fact, that I got restless, hesitant and doubtful if they were edible to me at all... Do I dare eat these huge creatures hauled fresh from the sea?
Guided of course by my trusty tummy's sagely wisdom, I was instantly filled by the presence of these huge sea beasts not with hesitation nor doubt, but rather, with great joy.
An opportunity for a feast of fresh sea treasures.

Appreciating the wonderful bounty we had, I was left with the daunting task of figuring out what to do in order to capture the sweet experience of the gastronomic moment.


The usual course prawns took in our household on the way to our bellies was either via the steamed route or via the curry route. This time however, I figured that the opportunity would be wasted on cooking what was to us, a common dish already. It was time to explore other options. A quest that led me from website to website to a Yummy Magazine Liv bought a couple of months prior, where I found a recipe for what seemed to be the perfect dish for the occassion. Prawn Thermidor (the mag is currently missing right now so till I find it, let me just recount the experience and skim over the details).

The Prawn Thermidore Experience:

I cleaned the prawns and cut half of the bunch vertically in the middle so that they opened up like butterflies. The other half was chopped into bits.

Then I sauteed the chopped prawns with mushrooms, veggies etc.

After adding some cream and seasoning to finish the filling, I proceeded to stuff it into the butterfly-cut prawns' open middle.

And topped everything with grated cheese as the final touch before putting them in the oven to cook..

The result:

Man was it good! The sweet flesh of fresh prawns stuffed with the creamy mixture of prawn bits, fresh vegetables and mushrooms meshed perfectly with the rich melted cheese. I followed the recipe faithfully and got rewarded in the end.

The result was a big wipe out of every last morsel of the mighty prawns, leaving only hollowed husks and carapaces as evidence of the feast.


papams said...

O M G~~~ Y U M M Y~~~

Am salivating already!!!

Thanks for droppin by my site!! ;-P

Ruy said...

Papams: You're welcome! Thanks too!

acey said...

oh wow!!! i could just imagine the smell...! i bet they taste as good as the look! =D

oggi said...

Mutant-ish or not they look mighty gooood!

ALiNe said...

Shocks ... Yum yum.. nakakagutom :D

Toni said...

Oh wow, panalo ito!!!

Mec said...


tho i'd be happy with a simple ginataan or sweet chili where shrimps are concerned :D so long as i can have my fill :)

Sakai said...

looks good, i usually do it with the back side open, i notice u used the feet side....hindi ka nagshare, parang yun italian sausage mo na hanggang ngayon hinihintay ko pa

Ruy said...

Acey: Thanks Acey! We were pretty happy with the taste naman.=)

Oggi: I bet it would be amazing if you cook it. Just remember to send me some.=)

Aline: Thanks! Hay naku, yung mga kinakain mo nga nakakagutom din!

Toni: Salamat! Tara kain.=)

Mec: Thanks Mec! Hmmm, ginataan and sweet chili seems good too! How about sharing your recipe?;p

Sakai: Hmmm, back side open? I wonder if I got the instruction wrong... Haha! Wow Sakai, your memory is impeccable! I will really let you taste my humble italian sausage creation sometime. Medyo di ako makaharap sa pagluto masyado lately because I've been swamped with work!
Ikaw muna.=)

caca said...

awww, mouth watering!

Gita Asuncion said...

wow! prawns thermidore! salamat for sharing this! ive been trying to find a recipe for ages!
your dish looks really really good... thanks again...

Ruy said...

Caca: Thanks for checking it out.

Gita: Hi! The Yummy issue with the recipe is around September or October 2007 if I remember it right. Thanks!

Gloria said...

Ruy almost died with these camarons (prawns) are wonderful, mmmm! is my favorite seafood!!!! The picture looks wonderful. I think in your country maybe are not so cost here the prawns are so cost!!! but I love them!!! xxxx Gloria

A scientist in the kitchen said...

Oh wow, that's prawn overload!


carlotta1924 said...

mutant or not, they certainly looked great!

vannie said...


i gotta cook me some! :P

Ruy said...

Gloria: Wow, thank you very much! The prawns were relatively cheap in Leyte (the province where they were bought). Around $11 (US) for a kilo of that size.

Gay: Hi there! Yup, it was a lot (but still not enough). Hehe. Thank you very much for visiting.=)

Carlotta: Awwww, thanks.=) I hope to hear from you (in your blog) again soon.

Van: Hey Van! Hope everything's well with your cutie baby.
Prawn thermidore is surprisingly easy to make. Happy Eating!

caryn said...

wow! those look real good! hehehe. i'll try it out if i feel industrious over the weekend. but mmm, i can almost smell them from here. yummers!

Ruy said...

Caryn: Thanks for the compliment. Please do. It's worth the effort.=)

Cynthia said...

Man this looks good.

Ruy said...

Cynthia: Wow thanks! I aim to someday make dishes as pretty as yours... I wish.



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