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I know, I know! Its been a couple of months since I suddenly disappeared into the deepest sanctums of my hermit cave... Actually its more like the biggest challenge I've ever had at work. I got reassigned into a battlefield so to speak. So after securing a beachhead, fortifying my position and surviving the first quarter performance review pretty decently, I regroup and go back to manning our abandoned fortress. Our teeniee weenie blog.=)

Hello world! I'm sorry for vanishing, I'm sorry for my feeble corpus callosum which prevents me from multi-tasking, I'm sorry for missing out on so much from my old favorite blogs and new ones as well (Brian Gorrel's!)...

We're back. =)

So to begin, I will be posting about new eating places I've come across and enjoyed in the not too distant province of Bulacan. Home of many a Filipino hero and artist most important of whom would be Regine Velasquez. LOL.
Seriously, a few months of getting familiar with Bulacan and my tummy and tastebuds have fallen in love. No nonsensense, excellent food served turo-turo style is just the thing for a food soldier like me...
First among my new eating faves is Lutong Bahay ni Ka Damian in Plaridel Bulacan (which I learned about eavesdropping on two people talking about "the best ribs " they've ever had in their lives). Who could resist getting interested by such a bold statement? I had to find out for myself.
Now, I wouldn't say its the best I've ever had but it's definitely one of the most appreciated and enjoyed. A province-style grill that offers excellent barbecued ribs. Smokey on the outside, tender on the inside, this very affordable (price varies according to the size of the slab you get but a good size costs around P100) specialty treats its diners to what could well be the Bulacan version of Racks (with the added charm of the dahon ng saging food presentation and constant fanning of the ihaw-ihaw grill).
The sauce if I were to describe it would be a cross between a barbecue sauce and Mang Tomas (but not as sweet).

They also offer other grilled food such as liempo, pusit and skewered barbecue.

Just take the Sta Rita exit from the NLEX and turn right. You will see a Ka Damian branch not a kilometer away on your left side. I have to warn though that the branch is a pretty small place that seats around 5-8 I think. Keep going straight and much farther (around 2-3km) however and you will find a two story branch on your right. It seats more and offers an airy, outdoorsy feel.


Em Dy said...

Welcome back. Bert Tawa Marcelo was also, I think, from Bulacan.

carlotta1924 said...

eyyy welcome back! =)

that piece of rib looks tasty. =)

Ruy said...

Em DY: Glad to be back!
Oh yeah, I kinda remember that! I think.=)

Carlotta: Hi there! It is.
I wonder what background music is playing on your blog nowadays. I'll find out later.=)

ALiNe said...

YAY! Welcome back :)

Dhanggit said...

welcome back!! i missed this place too :-) glad you are here again!!

toni said...

Welcome back!!! :) Missed your foodie posts!

Ruy said...

Aline: Thank you so much!

Dhanggit: It's time to get some cooking tips from you again.=)

Toni: Thanks Toni! Can't wait to get the food posts rolling again.=)

Cynthia said...

It's good to have you back!

oggi said...

Good to have you back posting as well as visiting your old faves and new blogs (not Brian Gorrel's though, ick!)..:=)

Sakai said...

woohoo!!!! ur back!!!
love the look of that rib

Ruy said...

Cynthia: Hello! Thank you so much!

Oggi: Hey Master Cooking Mama! Hahaha! Chismis! Chismis!

Sakai: Hey there monster restaurant hopper! That rib's surprisingly tender even it's big.
Can't wait to check out your new finds as well!

spanx said...


My favorite JEDI food blogger
is finally back!

hi liv!!
hi andrea!!!

spanx said...

they don't teach
Katipunan Padwan Academy?

sa Taft Sith Institute
yata tinuturo iyon....

I shall await your posts
about Bulacan's low-sugar snack,

and Bulacan's low-cholesterol
delicacy, CHICHARON LAMAN?!??!

Ruy said...

Spanx: Haha! The mind is willing but the body is weak.
Many thanks from Ruy, Liv and Andrea!=)



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