Chicharon - Heaven in a Cholesterol Laden Bite

With every bite I feel my heart beat faster. I am not sure if it's the excitement or it's the cholesterol taking it's toll on my poor heart -- it's probably a combination of the two. Cardiac delights is the term my father-in-law coined for these babies. Wonderfully delicious morsels which could bring you to heaven figuratively...and literally.

Everything about chicharon (or pork cracklings) screams STAY AWAY FROM ME. It's made out of skin and fat, deep fried, and peppered with salt and MSG. It's just wrong in every possible way yet those things which make it wrong are the same things which make them oh so good.

These babies are Ruy's pasalubong from Bulacan. I am a fan of chicharon from Bulacan because they're like tiny lechon kawali. They have enough meat in them to make them hearty.

We usually dip these in vinegar. We either use ordinary vinegar with pepper and finely chopped garlic or we use Sukang Waykurat. We then eat them with rice and a side of chopped tomatoes, onions mixed with bagoong.


spanx said...

BACKFAT, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia said...

Cardiac Delights! Love, love, love it!

gourmandtales said...

love it...

carlotta said...

love the term, cardiac delights! :)

goodfor2 said...

cholesterol overload but still yummy.. hehe



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