What's Been Keeping Us Busy

So, needless to say, Ruy and I have been terrible bloggers. Ruy does not even consider himself a blogger anymore as we've been in absentia for far too long. So for some of the people who still check out the blog I guess we owe you some sort of an explanation for our absence.

What's been keeping us busy? Andrea, cooking, watching cooking shows and eating. Yup. That pretty much sums up our life these past few months.

Ruy has basically been cooking up a storm as he's been inspired by all the cooking shows we've been watching. He's currently obsessed with Iron Chef Japan but we've also seen Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and Iron Chef America. Ruy is going gaga over these shoes. Every night before we sleep he'll have to watch at least one episode. Obsessed much?

I can just imagine how excited he'll be when he found out that I came across a site about Vacation Homes which has an awesome contest related to Hell's Kitchen! The contest is called the Chef Bonnie Weekend Getaway. What will I win in this contest? First I get a free airfare from wherever I am to the vacation home I rented. Second, the rental fee will be waived. Next, and the best part I believe, I get a gourmet meal cooked for me by Chef Bonnie.

I really shouldn't be talking about this here cause the more people who know about this the more competition I have...but this is just too good to keep for myself.

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