Oishi Ridges - Wasabi Flavored

In my previous post I talked about our penchant for watching tv shows. Yes, Ruy and I have been spending a whole lot of time cooped up in our room watching reality tv, tv series, and movies. With this hobby of course comes incessant eating. Yes somehow Ruy and I can't stop ourselves from munching our hearts away as we watch our favorite shows.

We didn't want to be such unhealthy pigs you know? Over a year ago we vowed that we would stop eating chips altogether and try to be healthier. Yet, all these wonderful plans disappeared when we saw this...

We were so curious. We loved wasabi peas but they were quite pricey. These Oishi Ridges - Wasabi flavored chips come cheap at around 23 pesos for one big bag. Normal people can actually share this bag and be satisfied...meanwhile I find myself giving Ruy the evil eye whenever he tries to touch my bag.

The chips themselves look very nondescript and very ordinary...almost boring. I remember the first time we opened a bag. I was confused when I saw the chips. Where was the wasabi? Was there a mistake? How could this plain chip be wasabi flavored?

One bite and I was convinced. The chips give off the unmistakable flavor of wasabi in a way that wasn't overpowering. The combination of the flavors is sublime the saltiness of the chips goes perfectly with the slightly sweet and quite potent wasabi flavor.


goodfor2 said...

supermarket, here we come.....

Olivia said...

I hope you like it. There are other flavors as well just in case you're not into wasabi.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I love Oishi! Please don't let this get out of the market!



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