Things You Don't Know About Us

1. Liv didn't like Chinese food until Ruy forced her to eat some.
2. Ruy's frustration is that Liv won't eat in carenderias and turo-turo
3. Liv's frustration is that Ruy can't seem to cook for two. His dishes always last them 5 days.
4. Ruy generally doesn't like sour things. Liv loves them. Andrea shares Ruy's dislike for sour things.
5. Liv is Ruy's biggest critic when it comes to his cooking. Liv is her own biggest critic. She is never ever satisfied with anything she has ever cooked or bake.
6. They both love In-Yo (now called Ninyo) and think it's so much more sulit than any of the hotel buffets.
7. Liv sincerely believes that she has 2 stomaches, one for main dishes and one for desserts.
8. Ruy's into ice cream and Liv's into cakes. They both like frozen yoghurts
9. Ruy can't stand natural yoghurt.
10. Andrea is beginning to be as takaw as Ruy and myself. She likes pesto, pizza with camembert and blue cheese, etc.

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