Craving for Ice Cream

One sleepy November 1 afternoon , I found myself craving for a serious ice cream merienda. Problem was, I didn't just want the regular ice cream from the grocery. I wanted ice cream with the works. I wanted chocolate drizzle, I wanted marshmallows. In short, I wanted it pimped out.

I told Liv about my predicament and being the trouper that she is, immediately said yes and only asked that we take Andrea with us. Of course.

All that's left was figuring out where to go.

Not being in any mood for much driving, I had to get the ice cream somewhere close. The place needed to have something for Liv other than ice cream (most probably in the way of good cake) as Liv's so not an ice cream person. Come to think of it, it wouldn't hurt if they also had real food to prep our taste buds for the anticipated sweet indulgence. Oh, and since we were taking Andrea, I also had to consider her need for space to crawl on and do a measure of walking practice. Lastly, it shouldn't be too damn expensive for merienda.

With all these factors to consider, there was one place my brain could come up with that probably addressed all our issues.

Hot Rocks.

It's somewhat weird now that I think about it (ending up in a steak joint for merienda). But that's what happened and it totally worked.

The staple pitcher of iced tea: We always get this I think more for the pretty and refreshing color more than anything else.


Having decided that it would be a sin or a waste of energy at least to go to Hot Rocks without getting a steak, I got a Hot Rocks Prime Rib.
It's been quite a while since I had steak here and as I saw it coming out of the grilling area I must say I missed it. The steak was expertly done by the"taga ihaw". Better than usual even, because being the only ones eating there at that time, he had the opportunity to focus all his talent into our lone prime rib steak.

The result: Beautiful.
It had the smoky outer flavor that sinks into juicy prime rib flesh as you bite into it. Of course you don't expect a huge slab for P140 (or thereabouts) but for merienda it was just right.
We didn't eat the rice that came with it and I forgot to tell the waiter I wanted a side dish of veggies (bummer). Oh well, I was just getting started.

Liv wanted something lighter and more merienda-ish so we got a pizza. Tomato Basil Pizza that is. Another beauty. Super light and garden fresh in flavor. The crust was very thin it was barely there. The downside is, if you've got a pretty big appetite, this P100 pizza will barely pop your belly button.

Andrea also had fun moving from table to table in between courses.

As a fitting finale to our impromptu merienda, I ordered what initially prompted our Novenber 1 merienda adventure.

A scoops of Ice cream on top of blocks of chewy brownies drizzled generously with chocolate syrup (only P90+!)... There's just nothing like being able to realize a vision set by your hungry mind.

They also serve amazing cakes which Liv's just crazy over but due to our heavy "appetizers", she just opted to have a couple of spoons of my ice cream while I cleaned up the rest. Damn, I thought I'd get to try my ice cream with her cake too...


Dhanggit said...

I am a bit like you :-), when my craving for something starts i will never stop until i get it..your photos make me drool :-)yummy...

Jen Tan said...

so that is just "meryenda" ruy??? ...and ice cream craving palang yun na suffice ah! hahaha I love ice cream too..but don't like marshmallows. That pizza looks great ah..a friend of mine told me pizza is good nga daw here. There is a steak place na along the sidewalk kinda you know snakaroo?? Cheap steaks na good and cooked great din =)

P.S. you have a lovely family ...cute baby!!!!!!!!!! =)

Ruy said...

dhanggit: Thanks!!! Isn't just crazy when you get that tormenting kind of feeling that won't let you be until you give in to it? Nice to know you understand.=)

Ruy said...

Jen T: Thank you so much for the kind words (baby Andrea says hi).=) Yes, that's merienda for me. LOL. Sometimes at least. ;p
The pizza's unique because it's so light it's refreshing! The thin crust I think does that. Flavor-wise there's nothing striking but it's good nonetheless.=)

Ruy said...

Jen T: Yup i've eaten in snackaroo a couple of times, and I agree with you, it's quite good for the price if your not too picky with ambiance and atmosphere.=)
Have you eaten there?

Jen Tan said...

yes ruy, i actually have! =) my brothers-in-law took me there a couple of times na.

i love beautiful ambiance and romantic dining places...but there are times that i like being "cowboy" and eat anywhere!!! i even do isaw in UP! hahaha pero minsan sossy...minsan jologs ;P hahaha

Jen Tan said...

oh...hello back at Andrea =)i read your first reply last! hahaha

Ruy said...

Jen: That's nice. Oo nga naman,if we want to find the best food there is out there we have to be willing to brave the challenges and venture out where we dare not go.
To me that would be Makati.
I really hate the traffic and the traffic enforcers there. Around 70% of the traffic "violations" for which I was flagged were committed there. Not to mention a traffic drama scenario where I almost made a traffic enforcer cry. It was really bad. Now whenever I'm in Makati I just feel like they're out to get me!

docchef said...

havent tired this place yet.. didnt know they had pizzas.. hmm. two of my favorite things,, pizzas and steaks... yummy

Em Dy said...

That steak looks good. Got to go now. Time for lunch. Ginutom mo 'ko!

Jen Tan said...

I FEEL YA BROTHA!!! Grabe ruy, we share the same sentiments talaga with goin to Makati! There was this one time pa nga, na HULI AKO NG PULIS 2X in ONE DAY!!! hahaha Naku..if i make kwento all my KARANASAN getting lost...getting caught in Makati...I'll fill up your coment page! ;P So how did you make a pulis almost cry? Run over his foot? (I'VE DONE THAT! ;p)

But..but, if I am NOT driving, I DO LOVE MAKATI...for all the lovely dining places it cradles =)

Ruy said...

Jen: I can imagine how happy you must be to find out that there's someone else with the same curse. Hehe. But really, getting caught twice in the same place on the same day and running over a traffic enforcer's foot? That's quite a legendary feat.
Anyway the traffic enforcer incident was actually my fault now that I think about it. I just thought at that time that I was again being "victimized" and so I kind of got into a heated argument and a passionate speech which ended with the traffic enforcer teary-eyed with frustration and me with my license back. I felt really bad afterwards though because I realized that he didn't deserve that.

Ruy said...

em dy: It's good alright. Thanks for dropping by before lunch.=)

Ruy said...

docchef: Its just in Libis beside Shopwise. You can go after working up an appette from shopping .=)

Liv said...

Jen: I believe the traffic enforcer's words were "Por que mahirap lang kami..."

Ruy felt so guilty for such a long time after that

Jen Tan said...

Hey ruy and I take it may pang-aalipusta done there? hahaha kawawang pulis! glad that I am not alone with the Makati curse...pero let me just say..may new weapon ako againts being huli..apart from making paawa...a friend gave me this card endorsed by Razon...para shang pass na when you show to pulis you are forgiven for traffic crimes! Used it twice already and it saved my as-! indeed =) pero secret yan shhhhh;P

tutubi said...

kagutom naman yan

cheche said...

the iced tea looks yummy nga. what flavor is that?

jean said...

very well done for "merienda!"
is the iced tea green tea flavor? the pizza looks light and healthy. the ice cream..the bomb! gosh nakakagutom!

spanx said...

ganda ng pix, bro!

you're giving lori of dessertcomesfirst serious food porn competition!!!!

Ruy said...

Cheche:Yup It's Green tea flavor i believe.

Ruy said...

Tutubi: Thanls for buzzing by.=)

Ruy said...

Jen T: Okay secret lang.;P

Ruy said...

Jean: Hey there! The pizza tastes healthy too. Very "gardeny". Glad you appreciate a nice big bowl of ice cream too.=)

Ruy said...

Spanx, super thanks for that compliment! I think its a bit too much though as Lori is just not human!=)
I do have to admit that I'm grinning from ear to ear because I'm really studying and learning to take good photos like these people:

They're Liv's friends who do really nice things with their cameras.

Its just great to get compliments you don't deserve every now and then. Woohooo!!!



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