There's Something About Napoli

Ruy and Olivia's bedroom. Lights were turned off, Andrea's sleeping quietly in her crib. The couple (that would be Ruy and myself) were trying to relax by watching a dvd. It's 8:30 and the household was quiet.

The girl (that's me) suddenly turned to the man and in an extremely annoying whiney voice said "I want Napoli!!". The man smiled and said "Oh you liked it that much huh?". 3 minutes after, the same whiney voice said "I want Napoli!!". The man said "But it's 8:30, it'll close in 30 minutes"...

5 minutes after, they were both in the car and the man was muttering "We had the whole day you had to tell me at 8:30". The woman then replied "Don't you just love me? Imagine being married to a woman who would tell you in the morning that she'd want to go to Napoli's at night. How boring is that? Look at how exciting this is"...


I'm not sure if Ruy actually bought into my exciting life argument but he was kind enough to let me get away with it. =) Truth be told I had been craving for Napoli all day that day, I just tried to push my cravings aside and hoped that the rest of the things I ate would appease my craving. It was afterall an irrational craving, Ruy and I just ate at Napoli's 2 days prior to that day and so eating there again can be called an overkill.

For someone who doesn't like pizza such as myself, craving for Napoli's pizza and pasta can be considered not normal. (Of course some people would argue that the fact that I don't like pizza is the abnormal point here) What is it about Napoli which made me want to go back again and again?

It's definitely not the ambiance. I'm not sure how the other branches measure up (I've only visited the branch in Fairview) but from what I've seen it seems that aesthetics is not their priority.

This is not the place you take your new girlfriend or that woman you're dating and trying to impress. This is a place you take your barkada, your family or that girl you're dating and ready to marry. This is a place you go with people you are most comfortable with.

What they lack for in terms of aesthetics, they more than make up for with other things particularly --flavor and servings.

I would not attempt to give off the impression that I am a Napoli's expert. I have eaten there a grand total of two times and have tasted 3 dishes. 3 measly dishes. 3 dishes which have been a mainstay of my dreams for about a week now. Yes, I am thisclose to bugging Ruy to drive me back to Napoli's tonight. What did we try that made me adore this resto so much?

Garlic and Olive Oil Pasta with Italian Sausages. It's basically just a whole lot of garlic cooked in olive oil. The noodles were then tossed with the oil and the resulting concoction was topped with crisp sausages. It sounds so simple and unimpressive but IT'S AWESOME!!! AWESOME, AWESOME!! I loved it soo much and since we ordered this again the second time, I can assume that Ruy liked it too.

Pizza Marinara. The crust is quite unique. I've never had one quite like it. It's flaky and crisp yet still moist. This particular variety has anchovies, olives and tomato. I can't imagine what I love about it. There's nothing novel, nothing new, not overloaded with cheese yet they managed to make it soooo good.

Anchovy and Garlic Pizza. This particular dish is not as wonderful as the other two but it's still considerably good. I don't think I need to explain what this dish is all about, it's name says it all. =)

The servings were a bit too big for a party of 2. This is saying a lot as we only ordered their smallest servings, they also have family sized servings to cater to bigger groups.


Gita Asuncion said...

im convinced... this is a must-try.

Jen Tan said...

hey Liv! My sister's and I are fans of Napoli...simple...malapit and mura. You're right...NOT A DATE PLACE...pang hang out only;P We also love the garlic and sausage pasta...di ba the sausage is fried to a crisp! sarap noh--ang you can order it as side dish pa! Their pizzas are good also..we always have the white pizza---parang quattro formaggio =)

If you guys fancy dessert..they have this sort of lava cake...nakalagay sa microwaveable plastic na chocolate cake..served ala mode...pero mind you its quite alright good ah better pa nga than yun chili's lava cake eh. meron din yun parang revel bar ala mode...good also if you adore very sweet desserts =)

Jen said...


docchef said...

the fairview branch is the 1st napoli(2nd aveneto).. great food..

Olivia said...

Gita and Jen: I just found out that the name of the Pizza is Putanesca and not Margherita...hehehe. I am not such a great spokeswoman. =)

Hope you guys like it when you end up trying it.

Olivia said...

Jen Tan: Love love love the way they were able to make the sausage crisp without burning it.

Ruy and I order it with anchovies to make it even yummier....I'm drooling again

Olivia said...

Doc Chef: I didn't even know Napoli and Aveneto were connected somehow. No wonder their logos look similar.

Thanks for the info. =)



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