Supernatural Sour Cream

During the long weekend we were left with lots of time to watch DVDs. And, being Halloween, it was "Supernatural" marathon for us. Wooohooo! Fun!

I just had a blast playing with Andrea, and snuggling while watching Supernatural with Liv who's such a scaredy cat she hides everytime she smells something scary coming up (it was like watching a horror movie with a malfunctioning "Scary Sensor" that alerts you with soft whimpering and a lot of fidgeting even when the scene is set in broad daylight). It was quite funny.=)

In an attempt to make the experience "funner". I made something that thankfully worked and definitely made getting scared more fun.

Sour Cream and Chives and Mr. Chips


Nestle Sour Cream
Chives (chopped into smithereens)
Grated Cheese
A dash of pepper

Mix them all together.

Eat with Mr. Chips. =)


KC said...

Well, thanks for the recipe. I've been longing to make my own sour cream dip. But it doesn't turn out right. Heehee. =)

Ruy said...

KC: Hi! I hope you like it. It's just a personal concoction but we enjoyed it. =)

jean said...

i miss local chichirya! i also have lots of chip dipping recipes (not very healthy most of them). but im not very fond of oz chips. theyre all blah. nothing beats good old jack EN jill :)

KC said...

Really? it's easier for me to make. Unlike those I've gotten previously because it has too much ingredients...

thanks again. =)



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