Paris Hotel Disaster

Let me talk to you about the hotel we ended up staying at in Paris. It was nothing like what I expected. It reminded me of a hotel Ruy and I stayed in while in Laoag a while back. Seriously, can you imagine staying in a Laoag-like hotel when you're in Paris?

The elevators were so small...only one person can comfortably fit inside.

Yes that's me being uncomfortable. My luggage and myself were not able to fit inside. I had to ride the elevator on my own, then wait for my luggage as my friend loads it into the elevator. It was an experience I tell you. An experience I laugh at now but I'd rather not go through again. I can't really blame the person who reserved the hotels for us as she's never been to Paris and doesn't know much about the area and the prices.

A website with a lot of info on Hotel Reservations would have been so helpful to her. This website I found is like a one-stop shop to help you make sure your travel remains hassle free. It has info on Flights, Hotels, Cars, and Vacation Packages. It even offers a complete city guide which can help people in planning their itineraries for their vacation. Now that I've seen this site, I can't imagine ever travelling without consulting this site as it makes everything easier and hassle free.

I really think people should start getting into the habit of reserving online from reputable sites. You wouldn't want to go through what we did. It's always so much harder changing accomodations once you're already there. Plus, it ends up becoming more expensive. You'd be better off using that money buying more foie gras...or raclette...or fondue...or croques monsieur...oh wow excuse me while I wipe my drool.


Litzie said...

the elevator is a total DISASTER Liv. Oh well, you were still in Paris. Okay lang yun! LOL.

g_mirage said...

Hihi. I also do not find transportation so easy, no elevators on stations there and you have to punch your ticket all the time lol. And it isnt so clean..hhmmmm...I was just used to seeing the cleanliness of Vienna I guess. But anyway, Paris is still Paris hehe.

Liv said...

You are both right...Paris is Paris and I can complain all I want but the city is still gorgeous.

KC said...

Finally a non-sucky internet conncetion. I now get to see the pictures...haha!

Anyway, I can't believe how small that elevator is. But you are so lucky to be staying in Paris.

BTW: nice shades, Liv.



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