As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

"As I lay me down to sleep

I think of what else I could eat..."

Ahh the joys and pain of being married to someone who eats as much as you do. You end up indulging in gastronomic sins's so much fun I tell you.

Ruy bought a bottle of wine for one of his cooking adventures and with a bottle of opened wine in the house you can be sure Ruy and I would not waste any time in putting it to good use.

We were on the bed watching Hell's Kitchen when we both decided to indulge in some snacks while watching TV. What are our snacks of choice?

Pate de Foie, Grapes, Cheese, Cream Cheese, Toast and Red Wine

Ruy had been on a roll this holiday season, while the elves were busy making toys Ruy was busy cooking up a storm. I'm sure he'll tell you all about his experiments in future posts, meanwhile let me pre-empt him by telling you about the fabulous Pate de Foie. He created a pate mixture out of chicken liver and other secret ingredients which tasted soooo good. I call it the poor man's foie gras cause it has the same buttery consistency of foie gras pate....we put it on toast and as if that wasn't sinful enough Ruy thought it would be fun if we put a bit of whipped cream cheese on top of our little hors dourves. Heaven on a toast I'm telling you.

We also had two kinds of cheese; tilsit and gruyere. Tilsit has a strong taste matched only by it's stronger smell, my car is still suffering from this gastronomic bomb. Thank you to my boss Bobby for recommending this cheese. =)

The grapes and the wine were good for two reasons. One was free and the other one was on-sale. Hahaha!! These things make food taste so much better don't they?

Santa has something for our readers very soon

so watch out!!


Gita Asuncion said...

your little santa is simply irresistibly adorable! ang cute!

la carlotta said...

have you tried gorgonzola? most likely your car would suffer fate worse than hiroshima hehe kidding :D

spanx said...

dark chocolates and walnuts would complete this wine and picapica buffet!

top chef season 3 is now available on dibidi! am sure you and ruy would enjoy that too!

Em Dy said...

A friend took us to Santi's at Rockwell a long time ago. He bought blue cheese, grapes and capers along with red wine. We partied outside the store. It was my first time to try that combination. Your post reminded me of that rainy afternoon.

Gloria said...

Ruy, What's a lovely picture!!! looks really cute!!!She's lovely!! God blessing her!
Dear Ruy in my blog look too the breast's chicken with sesame Didi you see?? xxxx Gloria
Have a wonderful New Year with your family

Liv said...

Gita: Thanks!! You're so kind. Hope you had a great Christmas celebration.

Liv said...

Carlotta: I'm in love with Gorgonzola but I have yet to experience buying it myself and putting it in my car. I'm not sure I'm willing to risk it just yet. Thanks for the warning!!

Liv said...

Spanx: These midnight snacks are turning out to be deadly...I better take Circulan...hahaha

We were actually thinking of buying Top Chef but we weren't able to find Season 1 yet. We'll try to find season 1 before we graduate to seasons 2 and 3.

Liv said...

Em Dy: Ohhh Blue Cheese sounds so great right now. By the way, I didn't know you can eat capers off the bottle, I thought it had to be cooked. Interesting!

spanx said...


season one of top chef is available in RED DEVIL in metrowalk. home-ripped DVD format from Bravo cable channel telecast ",)

seasons 2-3 are available on your regulat 9-in-1 dibide,debidi ",)

surfergirl said...

aww just look at your adorable little santa in that mini santa dress! wish you guys and a lovely christmas and a fabulous new year!



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