A Dinner and Som's

Finally I get to write about my Monday before Christmas Eve. Dinner at Soms Morato (on top of Zensho) in the company of awesome blogging friends: DocChef, Spanx, Jen and Didi!

A wonderful event that took place through the efforts and organizational skills of Mr. Manila Boy Spanky Enriquez.

I was just awed. I was in the company of REAL experts.

Spanx, one of the famous Pampanga Food Tour organizers who goes everywhere eating anything that is food and "basta kasya sa bibig" really imparted a lot of knowledge and entertaining blogging stories and blogger chismis.=) A fledgling blogger like me could only listen with wide eyed enthusiasm.
Thank you for the yummy bagoong with gata!

DocChef (Jeff), who will go/drive anywhere, pay any price for a food discovery or to satisfy a craving. As his name suggests, he is no pushover in the kitchen as is evident with the yummy chocolate chip cookies he baked. Thanks a lot for sharing them with us!
He is also a proud owner of a wonderful Kitchenaid mixer (which has me green with envy).;p

Jen Tan, simply one of the nicest bloggers I've met. She'll drink, or chug rather, anything that's heavilly infused with caffeine in between restaurant hopping and multiple bingeing.;p
Most importantly, she's one mean baker with an amazing Banana Peanut Butter Bread!
We've yet to try her sour dough which has won the nod of approval from the discerning palate of DocChef.
Good thing Liv and I braved the traffic to drop by her office.=)

Didi, fresh from her bicol trip and airline adventures, she left us bitin because she had to leave really early to attend an important affair I believe.
No matter, the short period was enough to let me know that she is every bit as enthusiastic and sunny as she is in her blog. We have to meet up again when she's not busy and hopefully with Liv who wasn't able to make it to the Som's dinner because of an important meeting at the office.

Guys THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I really have to say that I was like a fan that evening. I was simply mesmerized and happily out of my league with all of the blogging and eating veterans and true food experts I was with.
Keep posting in your great blogs and til we eat again!


spanx said...

salamat ruy!

padawan lang ako ni master anton,
ang totoong jedi blogger!

saan ang susunod na kitakits?

Ruy said...

Spanx: Hizon's! Hehe.=)

Anonymous said...

bonne noel you guys! have you seen the manila bulletin article on angels kitchen? go soon! xxxmikel

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! thanks for the nice words and post =) that was indeed a fun evening!

hizon's naman next..pero far...=( hahaha spanx wla ba shuttle service ang hizon's? bwahahahahaha JOKE happy holidays !!!!

Ruy said...

Jen: Far??? Have you seen where you've been going in your blog?;p Haha!

Ruy said...

mikel: will try to check it out.=) Merry Christmas!

docchef said...

i think my blog is the youngest among all of us who ent there. Anyway, your words are very kind, pero it was me who was awed by all of ur presence, i am just a beginner. Matakaw lang nga kaya marami ng post. hehe



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