Food Meme!

I got tagged for a meme by Oggi and I thought to myself, "I can do that!". ;p
Thanks Oggi, I had fun doing it.=)

What were you cooking/baking 10 years ago?
Spaghetti and garlic mushrooms.

What were you cooking/baking one year ago?
Barbecued Jack Daniel's Ribs and Roasted Chicken

Five snacks you enjoy:
2)Chicharon with bagoong, tomatoes and rice (Yes this is snack to me. I like to eat this while watching DVDs after dinner).
3)Lucky Me instant Pancit (Extra Hot)
4)Homemade Nachos
5)Garlic peanuts

Five recipes you know by heart:

1)Chicken curry
2)Roasted Chicken
4)Crabehhh (Crab in sweet crab fat sauce)
5)Ruy's Garlic Pasta

Five culinary luxuries you would indulge in if you were a millionaire:
2)Foie gras
3)Lobsters everyday
4)Wagyu (Kobe) beef everything
5)Prawns bagoong?

Five dishes you love to cook/bake:
1)Tom Yum

Five dishes you cannot/will not eat:
1)Dog meat
Thats all (so far)

Five favorite culinary toys:
My pasta machine/roller which I should start using.
I'm not very particular about the stuff I use for cooking and love everything in the kitchen.
The ones I use most would be the saute pan, chopping board, wok and skillet.

Five dishes for your "last meal" menu:
1)Roasted Suckling Pig
2)Kare Kare
3)Baked Lobsters
4)Lumpiang Ubod (I used to be known as a the Lumpia Monster)
5)Ensalada of talong, seaweeds, onions, tomatoes, chicharon and bagoong

Five happy food memories:
1)Han Pao Noodle Feast with Liv. This dish slowly her on the road to appreciating Chinese food which she previously wouldn't touch. Now she's North Park Girl! *proud* =)
2)Eating the yummiest Tom Yum in by the sidewalk in Thailand. The prawns were so huge I couldn't finish one!
3)Lobster dinner in Blue Bacon with Liv for Valentine's
4)First time I tasted my secret chili recipe.
5)Everytime Liv and I eat out.

That was fun. Anyone who wants to do this is welcome to do so. Please let me know so I can check it out.=)


carlotta said...

wow, ang sarap mo talaga kumain. =) that was one heck of a meme. i'll try to do that soon =)

Dhanggit said...

i wanted to tag you but Oggi was faster...:-)

Jen Tan said...

cool meme ruy! ahahahha parang ang yummy ng mga recipes you know by heart!!!!

spanx said...

"5)Everytime Liv and I eat out."


Atenista ka nga.... ",)

Man For Mothers!

oggi said...

The crabehhh and garlic pasta sound delicious!

Marvin said...

Prawns bagoong? Do you mean to make bagoong from prawns, or to put bagoong on prawns? Either way, sounds good!

Ruy said...

Carlotta: That's great. I'kll be watching out for that.

Dhanggit: Haha! Next time?=)

Jen Tan: Hindi yun "parang". "Medyo" yummy. Haha. Actually I realized that although I cook a lot of things, I don't really keep a recipe, recipe. The proportions are not set and all depend on my mood. I'm really trying to fix that.

Spanx: LOL, "Man for Mothers". I'll take that award if Liv's gonna give it to me and admit that I'm such a darling.
Haha, napansin mo talaga yun eh ano?;p

Oggi: Will try to cook that soon. It's a dish I picked up from Samar when I met an old lady who was in need of help. I of course helped her out of pity and in return she fed me this. The I said "Crabehhhh sarap nito!!!" Kidding.
I learned it from a grandmother in Samar province (where the beaches are so beautiful). We tasted it there and fell in love with it.My cousin came up with the name since they didnt have a name for it there.
I of course made sure to learn how it was made.

Marvin: Make bagoong from prawns. It's just an idea.=)

docchef said...

pizza fir me is not just a snack.. its a complete meal:)

angela said...

this meme looks so yummy! will try it out soon :)
Liv is lucky to get a husband wjo cooks! All my hubby does is eat hehe (haay and does he wash dishes? of course not). One Christmas I got an oven as a gift along a box of lasagna noodles (his fave dish) :P

Jen Tan said...

ruy..ganun ang tunay na recipe recipe..all by feel and tancha! hahahha ;P

QT said...

kainggit ka nmn! talgang u love to cook no and you know your food. yum! nd ba too salty na ung chicharon with bagoong? pero feel kong subukan! =D

Anonymous said...

since you love foi gras, next in europe, visit budapest, hungary. fyi, hungary is the largest producer of foi gras in europe, if not the world. they export most of their produce to france where it's used in commercial markets, restaurants etc. it's inexpensive to eat in budapest and offers unique & varied options to eat foi gras such as ravioli, crepes & regional types of paté. if you go, don't miss the mineral baths in the city i suggest the spa at hotel gellert! mikel

Ruy said...

Docchef: Oh yeah, I know how much you love pizza. You're the pizza monster!=)

Angela: Let me know when you do ok?
You must cook so well your husband's obviously a die hard fan!;p Yopu should share your lasagna recipe.=)

Jen T: Wahaha! The problem Jen is that the taste becomes a mood thing. Depending on my mood, that's what it tastes like. Oh well, at least it's always how I want it to be ano?;p

Che:The bagoong I use is one that I've modified to be a bit sweet and less salty with a lot of toasted garlic. You're right, if I use the regular bagoong it would be too salty. When I cook it this way however, I feel that it's perfect with sukang maanghang and tomatoes.=)

Mikel: Really? I always thought foie gras came from France. Thanks for this info. Now if we can only stop spending on food too much to start saving for that trip.=)

Angela Tesoro said...

have done the meme na. Will put up recipe for lasagna once I've typed it up. Since you seem to like pasta dishes, I recommend shopping at Shopwise Libis. The selection of cheeses and deli meats at Shopwise are pretty good. Was even able to pick up pancetta (fatty Italian bacon perfect for making carbonara) from there :)

Ruy said...

Angela: Cool! Liv has a Wisecard and she loves using it!

Anonymous said...

hey..yes foie gras is available in france. they are produced mostly in the southwest/toulouse region, northeast/alsace & perigord which also specializes in goose foie gras. needless to say the french foie is more expensive simply because the farms are artisinal and costs are higher. in a blind taste test i saw recently in french tv at the resto of chef christian constant, the guests rated the french foie as more superior, velvety smooth and clean tasting. mikel

Jen Tan said...

ruy....nice! ala 'como agua para cioccolate' ;P hahahaha your food tatse depends on your mood =D hahahaha

Dhanggit said...

im shocked with the comment on foie gras!!my french husband wont be happy to hear that!!hahahaha you know how french are so proud of their products..i've never heard of that..hungary produced foie gras..i heard chinese copying french foie gras but not hungary hmmm need to verify soo curious

Ruy said...

Jen: Haha, I guess that's how it really is.=)

Ruy said...

Dhanggit: Hmmm... Well at least the french made ones are still the yummiest apparently.=)

Anonymous said...

yep .. i actually saw the foie gras info. on french tv Tf1 last wk. french produced foie products are labelled as such. but there are no requirements to label imported foie was used for, say paté and other products containing it. been to budapest and have to say that foie gras features in it's cuisine though not in a 'populaire' sense. like ravioli, sauces, regional patés, etc. mikel



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