Bellore: a Fusion of Gourmet, Innovation and Affordability

Let me start out by saying that although my relatives own shares in the restaurant which I'll be reviewing in this post, it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I loved the food so freaking much... It was a surprise really. I NEVER expected (or perhaps dared not expect for fear of being dissapointed) the food to be as excellent as it was.

The delicious revelation happened one great day (Day 1) when Liv, Baby Andrea and I met up with friends Ingenious Jen and Pastry Guru Elaine. It was the day I walked into Bellore a skeptic and came out a believer. I've had two Bellore days in a row now and I can't wait to go back.

It has been around a couple of years (I believe) since the idea of putting up a restaurant was first considered by some relatives (cousin and uncles). A brainchild born out of our family's love for eating (I believe) and a burning entrepreneural spirit. Two initial driving forces that eventually turned into an unstoppable will with the interest and involvement of my uncle Paul (now chef and father of the restaurant's menu).

Thus the birth of a place that has been clearly imprinted and sealed with the mark of commitment to affordable, honest to goodness, quality food delivered with the warmth of one big family working together with love.

A restaurant that offers a great value for money by providing scrumptious and exciting food that is prepared fresh with utmost care for quality and perfection from preparation to plating with a menu that introduces gourmet innovations and daring fusion concepts brought to life by the talent of the chef Paul Reyes.


Here are the things we've tried so far (before going any further though, I have to warn you that the following pictures still punish me whenever I see them on an empty stomach).

Gula Malacca Wings : Chicken wings glazed with gula sauce and topped with sesame seeds.
Gula Malacca is a type of sugar which originated in Malaysia and as its name suggests, Gula Malacca Wings glides into the palate with a playfully sweet taste that is trailed by a barrage of spices accented by the crispness of the coating and an occassional burst of sesame seed inside the mouth. (P140)

Pollo Al Forno/Italian Roast Chicken: One of my favorites in Bellore. It is a simple roast chicken dish that stands out with a delightfully sharp flavors of citrus and spice on tender to the bone meat. Roasted to perfection, the skin is crisp and beautifully browned while the flesh remains so juicy. (P160 served with rice or bread, soup and salad)

Miso Glazed Salmon: Very intriguing and ultimately rewarding. This dish offers generous slabs of fresh salmon perfectly cooked. The pink flesh was moist all the way to the core. It was so soft it felt like butter melting inside my mouth. The Miso glaze was brilliant with it and gave bursts of flavor to keep the dish very interesting to the senses. It almost drove Liv crazy.
(P240 served with rice or bread, soup and salad) I was further impressed.

Osso Bucco: A dish I enjoyed for the rich sauce which was heavilly flavored with the taste of olives, tomatoes and herbs which smothers generous pieces of extremely tender beef.
Bellore's version of this popular Itallian food definitely holds it's own.
(P240 served with rice or bread, soup and salad) The serving is quite big.

Day 2 was lunch with Liv, my brother and mom. These were what we enjoyed.

Hairy Prawn in Danielle Sauce: Be awed. This interesting looking creation packs a delicious serving of plump prawns at its core. The "hair" actually provides a pleasurable twist and play in textures as you slowly get to the heart of the dish nestled in creamy Danielle sauce.
(P240 served with rice or bread, soup and salad) compared to most restos offering prawn dishes. I have to note that this price is pretty good.

Scallopini in Pomodoro Sauce: Tender porkloin cooked in Pomodoro Sauce. Unfortunately due to too much photographing, I failed to have a taste from my mom who was the one who ordered this. Although she said it was very tender, she didn't find it as good as all the other dishes she's ordered in Bellore before.
(P180 served with rice or bread, soup and salad)

Cream Dory with Lemon Butter Dill Sauce: Now this is one of the bestsellers. Dory fish cooked in light batter just to give a perfect crisp as you cut into the soft juicy flesh. The chef recommended that we fork a few strands of dill and dip into Bellore's lemon butter sauce. Wow...
(P 250 -Family Serving- Good for 2-3 persons and comes with a single serving of rice)
That's a lot of scrumptious Dory. =)
Liv again had the Salmon in Miso glaze for lunch. She's obssessed with it I must say.

How could I have forgotten this (this is a late addition to my post). Baby Back Ribs with Roasted Apple: Meaty ribs in thick, fruity glaze/sauce served with roasted apple slices with flavors that are quite bold and intense. More subtle senses may find the tastiness overwhelming but this is just how I like it.

(P240 served with rice or bread, soup and salad)

The sides:

Vegetable salad in strawberry vinaigrette comes free with the regular Entrees. I don't fancy vinaigrette too much but Liv liked it.

Curried Pumpkin Soup- Now this is what I'm talking about. Rich pumpkin soup with a curry twist. My favorite. I couldn't believe this generous bowl of heart-warming pumpkin was free with the Entree. (P70- Ala carte)

Old-Fashioned Assorted Mushroom Soup- A close 2nd to the Curried pumpkin Soup for me. The lovely texture of small mushroom bits makes a strong argument for this soup. It's delicious.
This is the other choice that comes with the entrees. (P70- Ala Carte)

A peach cream dessert that they were developing during our visit. It was very refreshing!

After a heavy meal, you can choose from the coffee beans they have available and have yourself a nice cup as you digest the great eating experience. (P35 if I remember correctly)

Gourmet indulgence on an average of P300 per person. not bad.=)

If you're looking for a place to eat special this is definitely a place to go and the best part about it is that it's still a "secret" as not many know about it yet. The chef is very warm and accomodating too (specially if you look for him and tell him Ruy sent you. Haha! ;p).

Located along Examiner St. (West Triangle) Quezon City, it is accessible via Quezon Ave. or West Ave. Just look for the sign.

They now have an Omelette Bar Buffet for Php135.00 Everyday from 7-10am.


Jen Tan said...

We missed a lot ruy!!! Food loooks great...sayang! Buti nalang it's near and easy to go back to..must have entrees!!! ;P hahaha

It was great meeting you guys..Elaine and I had soo much fun! Meet ule!!!!!!! =D

spanx said...


lapit pala sa aking opisina nito.

tara, tell me when you're eating there again, sama ako! the hairy prawns intrigue me. next week, puwede? zamboanga ako tomorrow to friday.

and tell me if you want to try a bottle of the only-in-zamboanga Alavar's Bagoong Gata, di lang pampagana, puwede pang ulamin!

Gita Asuncion said...

everything looks so deelish! sayang, ang layo naman from our place.. i guess hanggang pictures na lang kami... :-(

Ruy said...

Jen T: It was so much fun alright. Yeah let's do it again Plus, we have another lakad to look forward to.;p

Ruy said...

Spanx: Wow talaga? Cool. Sige let's try to iron out the details. Grabe, Zamboanga naman this time? Wala ako masabi. You're everywhere! haha.=)
I want! How much is it? Thanks!

Ruy said...

Gita: Never say never.=)
Who knows? ;p

arvi09 said...


thanks for the wonderful review!

btw, we started serving our breakfast buffet this morning. hope you can try it out one of these days.

thanks again! i'll make sure our staff sees this.


it was nice meeting you and elaine. thanks for trying out our food.

Marvin said...

wow, great review Ruy! It looks like Bellore has such a wide variety of food!

Ruy said...

Arvi: It really was great food. It doesn't matter if you don't treat me to anything whenever I eat there even if I'm one of your regulars. Haha. Kidding.
I hope you always maintain the excellent quality of the food you have in Bellore because that's what makes it awesome.

Ruy said...

Marvin: Thanks a lot Marvin! They do and they're still trying to develop more I think.
However, they don't have our "secret" chili recipes. ;p

oggi said...

The entrees look delicious specially the dory and they are moderately priced. I will add it to my growing list of restaurants to try when I visit, hopefully early next year.:)

maybahay said...

hmm, definitely time for a trip to the philippines to enjoy the food. having left when i was young, my 'gastronomical' experience there was limited to jollibee:-( i am amazed at the variety.

carlotta said...

bellore is now officially on my list of must-try restos. =) thanks for sharing! =)

Ruy said...

Oggi: Oooohh... I bet you'll be inspired to cook so many things when you visit here. I can't wait to read the resulting recipes.=)

Ruy said...

Maybahay: Haha, Jollibee! Cool.;p
I hope you get to visit and enjoy all the food here.
Be ready to gain a few pounds.=)

Ruy said...

Carlotta: I hope you like it. I'd love to hear about what you think.=)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy... yes...lookin' forward to that =)

hey was our pleasure! will definitely be back to try out entrees...and deifintely breakfast! what time do you open...sundays? =) thanks for being soo nice to us

Jen Tan said...

spanx..parang ang sarap...bagoong gata!!! wow!! never tried anything like that =)

arvi09 said...

hi jen!

we serve breakfast from 630am to 10am.

i'll tell my uncle to prepare a special spread for sunday. hehehe

Em Dy said...

Looks good. Thanks for sharing.

Ruy said...

Em Dy: Hey there! If you ever get to try it out I'd love to hear about it.=)

oggi said...

Hi Ruy, you're tagged! I hope you don't mind, check my blog for the meme details, have fun with it!:)

popcorn said...

Wow! You do great advertisement for Bellore :)

I'll add this to my list of places-to-visit when I go home to Manila next year. :)

Thanks for the tip! said...

Have I read it right? you have buffet every morning? how much is it? =)

Ruy said...

Oggi: If its about food I'm all for it.

Popcorn:Hi! Haha. Just sharing my nice food experience.=)

Edarevalo: Yup I believe it is.
Php135.00 for coffee or juice and a pass to unleash yourself at Bellore's omelette bar.
7-10am everyday.

Cynthia said...

Well if the pics are anything to go by, I'd say this restaurant is a sure winner.

Dhanggit said...

they look absolutely delicious..i'll will surely put this on my list to go and try..i already have my date for my vacation to philippines :-)

g_mirage said...

Wow! All of are music to my eyes lol. I would especially try the salmon. I just happened to blog it so I'm curious about this Miso glaze!

All photos are "well done!" Thanks!

Ruy said...

Cynthia: I'm gld yu like the photos.=)

Dhanggit: Really? Thats great! I hope you enjoy your vacation here. I wonder when.=)

G_Mirage: Haha! Your salmon posts look delicious too!.=)

Toni said...

Oh wow, your descriptions and those photos are very tempting! I don't frequent the West Triangle vicinity, but who knows right? Bellore it will be when we do find ourselves in that area!

spanx said...


we're having dinner this monday evening at SOMS QC with practically all of ruyliv's frequent commenters.


Ruy said...

Toni: Hi! I hope you enjoy the food as much as I did if ever you do get to visit.=)

Anonymous said...

i attended one party in Bellore and the food was really good...

Rannie said...

We sell Alavar's Bagoong sa gata and Alavar Sauce for only 150 pesos per 250g bottle.

For those who want to order, call or text me at 09172786917 or email

Randy Bardaje

Pinoy Buisness said...

My apologies to the owner of Alavar restaurant, i will now stop supplying Alavar sauce, Bagoong Gata, and Garlic sauce. I did not realize that there is an intelectual property rights for the said products. Again, i apologize and will promise that i will stop producing Alavar products.

Pinoy Buisness said...

My apologies to the owner of Alavar restaurant, i will now stop supplying Alavar sauce, Bagoong Gata, and Garlic sauce. I did not realize that there is an intelectual property rights for the said products. Again, i apologize and will promise that i will stop producing Alavar products.

Randy Bardaje

bona said...

what is bellore's contact number?



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