Stuffed Chicken

A late new year's post this is but I insist on making it a new year's post nonetheless.=)

My first stuffed poultry (chicken).

Inspired by the thanksgiving posts and articles in some blogs and food magazines I've read, I couldn't resist the call of stuffing. The thought of packing a hollowed husk of poultry with a stuffing born from one's most beautiful dreams and wildest imaginations (anything goes) was just too seductive an ode to ignore. I could be as creative, crazy, carefree with what I wanted inside the womb of my chicken. Naturally, I thought to put in/incorporate the dish that I love to cook most abd which could possibly work. Chili. =)

Oh sweet freedom.

Here's a rundown of what happened.

I bought a whole de-boned chicken (which I just learned is readily available thanks to Liv's Food Magazine) and marinated in Lemon butter with roasted garlic and pepper.

Prepped ingredients for the stuffing.

With mad glee I sauteed ground beef in a LOT of onions and tomatoes, spicing it with cumin and chili powder and some liquid seasoning.

Having sauted it till the onions were satisfactorily translucent and tomatoes turned to liquid, I then added mushrooms and red kidney beans (in the absence of pinto beans in the grocery).

When I felt the timing was right, I added tiny cubed potatoes and some fresh chili peppers.

As a final touch, I poured in around three fourths of a big Chiz Whiz bottle.
And tada! Ruy's mexican pistolero chili stuffing was finished.

With just my keen bolero-sewing intuition (meaning I just sewed away without a clue on how its really supposed to be done), I was able to seal in all the stuffing I dared cram inside the chicken.

However, thanks to my ignorance, I didnt think to dust off the garlic bits from the marinade which clung all over the chicken before roasting it. The garlic bits burned and left some not-too-nice looking black pockmarks on the roasted chicken's skin.

Anyway this is how it cooked.

Thankfully except for the pockmark eyesores, the chicken didn't burn and it wasn't raw. It was actually quite juicy and the skin was tasty. Whew!

I just wish the de-boned chicken offered more meat to go with all the stuffing I put inside. As it was, the chicken disappeared way before the surprise that was tucked inside of it.

Now that I write about it, I realize that I am thankful for the opportunity I have been blessed with to embark on such a whimsical but luckily successful project. I'm thankful for all the people who are willing to entrust their lives to my cause by happily eating these things I make (the most willing of whom is my wife) and making sure that I can cook without any thought of food going to waste . =)

To all the people who take the time to read this blog, thank you very much and I wish I could all give you a bite of my first stuffed chicken.=)

With all the love stuffed inside my heart, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


oggi said...

Chili as stuffing, that's brilliant!

Mai said...


Happy New Year!

Em Dy said...

Congratulations Ruy. Now this is a recipe you can call your own. You have the whole year to make what didn't work right.

Toni said...

Ang galing naman! That is an awesome recipe indeed. :)

docchef said...

just take out the beans and ill finish the whole chicken:)

carlotta1924 said...

wow congrats! nice to know it tasted great despite those garlic pockmarks =)

Ruy said...

Oggi: Hey there! Thanks for appreciating my efforts. Coming from you pa!=)

Ruy said...

Mai: Hi Mai! I hope hubby's much better. Thanks for stopping by.=)

Ruy said...

Toni: Thank you for the compliment.=)I think it just needs a little face lift.=& Hehe.

Ruy said...

Em Dy: Thanks Em Dy! I think I will do that definitely.=)

Ruy said...

Docchef: Sorry to say it's long gone by now. Haha!

Ruy said...

Carlotta: Hmmm... I wouldnt say it was THAT great but thankfully the pockmarks didn't ruin the taste.=)

gracita said...

wow, seriously working on your cooking skills (and eating too) na talaga! :)

congrats for a successful attempt! :)

Jen Tan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen Tan said...

yummmmmm!!! I love stuffed chicken!!! =)

Ruy said...

Jen: Hi! Me too.=)

g_mirage said...

Hmmmm...mukhang delicioso! My dad-in-law cooked a stuffed chicken 4 days ago but he put atay sa stuffing eh. =D I think the cheez wiz added a different twist? Hay, gusto ko tuloy magluto! lol.

Burnt Lumpia said...

Wow, the whole bottle of cheez whiz really puts it over the top! It looks delicious!

Ruy said...

G_Mirage: Atay I think is very healthy. Am I right Jen?=)
Hmmm, if you really feel like cooking then why not cook your version of a stuffed chicken and tell me about it.
Maybe I can pick up a tip or two.=)

Ruy said...

Gracita: Just playing around the kitchen is all.
The honing of the eating skills part is very true though.;p

Ruy said...

Marvin: Thanks for looking beyond the pockmarks.;p

Dhanggit said...

hey i didnt know that aside from ninja "jumping" techniques you are also blessed with surgical "sewing" abilities..hehehe..i have never tried doing a stuffed chicken..first i dont know how to debone it(maybe i should buy deboned too) and im scared to sew worried i will forget the needle inside :-D anyways i love this recipe..the chili is such an excellent idea!! with hot white rice i will dive directly into it!!!

Ruy said...

Dhanggit: Hey there! I'm speechless.. More kind words from another kitchen master.
Thank you.=)



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