Power of Pizza

It's been said time and again that the fastest way to a man's heart is through food. Now, if you make that food pizza then you've found the shortcut to Ruy's heart.

I decided to come home one day with this:

At 11:30pm, one does not have much choice as to the food she can order. My choices at that time were KFC and Pizza Hut. I called Ruy and asked him what he would prefer and of course he chose Pizza Hut.

I have mentioned in other posts that I am not a pizza person and I only have a handful of flavors which I actually enjoy. The BBQ Ribs Pizza from Pizza Hut is that one flavor which slightly swayed my opinion on pizzas. This is the first pizza I actually craved. During my pregnancy the hormonal me would order this at 12mn...

This pizza is not for everyone. A lot of people are put off by the sweetness of the ribs "Pizza is not supposed to be sweet" according to these people. I do not subscribe to this line of thought. The more dessert-like things are the better. =)

This pizza has oodles of onions which further add to the sweetness of the ribs and its sauce. The ribs are marinated in the exact same way their a la carte rib dish is. The meat is tasty and tender although my husband is currently doubting their 'rib-ness', he says we can't tell what part that meat really is from as they're sliced in small pieces. I say I don't care what they are, if it tastes like ribs and it's labeled as ribs then that's what it is. =) Other ingredients include mushrooms and bell peppers though they're practically indistinguishable as the ribs and its sauce are the main attraction here.

Greedy old me decided to have their cheezy pops instead of the traditional crust. I made the mistake of eating the pops first (which are quite tasty) and ended up not being able to eat much of the pizza. The pops were really heavy on the stomach plus they make the pizza slice very difficult to handle leaving both Ruy and myself with toppings on our shirts. (Thank goodness I don't do the laundry)


oggi said...

Hi Liv
I'm one of those who like sweetish pizza, or any pizza flavor except tuna. The BBQ ribs look delicious.

What are cheezy pops? We don't have that style here in the US and I would like to try to recreate them in my kitchen.:)

Jen said...

omg liv, my mouth is watering. this is what happens when you've stopped eating all that yummy junk food. sigh.

pizza hut is plain yum. their crust is buttery yum, i could be happy just eating the crust any day. i'm so intrigued by this bbq ribs pizza.

another one on my list to eat when in manila!

arvi09 said...

hehe... what can you expect from ruy? we're pizza hut babies... practically grew up eating pan pizzas thanks to tita tetet. :)

wish they'd bring back their eat-all-you-can promo. hehe good old days.

Liv said...

Oggi: Cheezy pops is the latest evolution to the plain crust. It's basically stuffed crust but shaped like Combos. =) It's stuffed with 3 kinds of cheese

Liv said...

Jen: Hey girl, don't let me distract you from your healthy ways. I'm supposed to be your cheerleader not the one tempting you...hahaha

Liv said...

Hey Arvi, why are you being a stranger? You're not inviting us to Bellore enough...actually you're not treating us to Bellore enough pala. =) Tsk tsk're Andrea's ninong pa naman and you're not treating her parents well. hehehe

carlotta1924 said...

anything cheesy is good for me so i also order the stuffed crust. had cheesy pops twice and it was heaven. =) love the bbq ribs too tho i take out the cilantro.. :D

arpee lazaro said...

great pizza! hey i know this is kinda off topic. but i heard about what happened to doc chef's blog na someone hacked into it. didn't know it was possible with blogspot. do u know where he plans to move it? i got a message on my blog telling me to remove him from my blogroll. sayang talaga because i enjoyed reading his blog, as much as i enjoy reading yours. would you know his new url?

arvi09 said...

we have a new promo in bellore, executive lunch.

choice of 2 viands+soup+side dish+dessert/juice

150 a pop.

try it some time. :)

Marvin said...

Hi Liv. It's always interesting to see the different pizza toppings that are marketed in other parts of the world.

Oggi, we do have cheesy pops here in the U.S., it's just named something else and is essentially a cheese-stuffed crust;)



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