Double-double, cheese-cheese burger-burger please please!

Order: One double cheeseburger meal and one double cheeseburger sandwich.

Instructions: Put one double cheeseburger (except the bun and just the bun!) inside the other.

The result:

The double double cheeseburger!!!

Four mean beef patties and cheese + lots of pickles and onions = a happy Ruy
This beauty is a McDonalds favorite of mine. Not too heavy but definitely not whimpy.
Oozing cheese melts under the pressure of hot freshly cooked beef patties while a squad of pickles and onions lay in wait to ambush your senses with this fastfood wonder.

I used to get double quarter pounders but eventually decided to downsize to a more "moderate" alternative. I find it much tastier too.=)

Thanks Liv my honey for the pasalubong!


Marj and Carlos said...

I didn't know you can request for something like that at McDonalds. My personal favorite hamburger places are: National Sports Bar and Grill at Greenbelt, Tender Bob's at Greenhills and my new find Good Burger at C5 next to the San Jacinto Panciteria.

Ruy said...

Marj and Carlos: Hey there! I find that McDonalds people are quite accomodating.
You just have to be willing to wait a bit because they'll have to cook it fresh (which is another great thing about it for me) as they don't have this yummy burger readily available.=)

Em Dy said...

Good Burger is also at Greenhills. Haven't tried it but mean too.

I really like the American burgers, McDo or Burger King. Somehow, Jollibee doesn't cut it.

carlotta1924 said...

hmm, that is a good idea especially if i want to binge *snicker* i also used to order quarter pounders but somehow their double cheeseburgers really have "that bite" for me. =)

Ruy said...

Em Dy: Same here, I prefer McDonalds over Jollibee. However, there are times when I crave for pinoy tasting burgers too and find myself binging on a Champ or a Burger McDo. Hehe...

I think Burger King has a buy one take ine Jr Whopper promo till today.=)

Ruy said...

Carlotta: Glad to know you're a double cheeseburger fan too.=)

toni said...

True, masarap ang cheeseburger ng McDo! Nothing quite like it. It fills a specific kind of craving no other burger can.

Ruy said...

Toni: That's exactly why its the double, double cheeseburger for me!
Can't get enough of a good thing.=)

Tisha said...

Good grief! This is a bypass surgery waiting to happen! But hey, life's too short to be eating flimsy single-patty burgers! Haha. (I'm a meat lover myself, and the only thing that would keep me from eating something like this is guilt!)

Ruy said...

Tisha: Hey there!
Good thing when it comes to food I don't have a conscience.
I think I should though. I'll try to develop that... In the future.;p

Bernard said...

Hey there. You guys should try American Chili's and Hot Wings at Forum Robinsons along Pioneer St. Mandaluyong (formerly Robinson's Place Pioneer. I love their burgers and hotdogs with chili sauce.Must try also their HOT WINGS!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could make request like that at McDonalds. That request is popular at IN-N-OUT burger in the U.S.



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