Racks Ribs - Food We Love

For this entry, I am happy to be posting one of our all time favorite things to eat.

When we're not sure of what we want to have for lunch or dinner, this place is definitely a risk free choice because we know we'll enjoy our food.
Such was the case during our most recent Racks dinner. We were basically driving all over Ortigas (for quite a while) trying to figure out what we wanted to eat.
Really, sometimes you get to a point when you've enjoyed quite a lot of meals one after the other that it overwhelms like a power surge. As soon as you try to draw/pick just one of those experiences to relive for one particular dinner, your brain gets overloaded with flavors followed by confusion and then automatically shuts down, refusing to feed any helpful data.
For such moments, our old reliables, our comfort foods, play a most vital role to get us to eat without feeling like "we should have gone here..." or "I feel like I still want something else..."
Racks does that for us so we were just overjoyed when it re-opened in Ortigas after a period of hibernation.

Racks Fish & Chips was our adventurous choice that evening most probably because one of our options that evening was Fish & Co. We were very happy to potentially get the best of both worlds.
The coating of the fish was crisp and the flesh was not dry at all, however, it's not one of the best Fish & Chips i've ever tasted. It was just okay.

The two bottles in the background however, are definitely among the top barbecue sauces for me.

Liv paired it with white wine.

And of course, a rack of the oh so tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs basking in its smokey flavor which I love soaking with their signature Racks BBQ Sauce.
This is definitely what we went here for!

I ate this with a loaf of garlic bread as I was felt like eating "light" (who am I kidding?)...


carlotta1924 said...

man, it's been a looooong time since i ate there. better put racks on my list! =)

toni said...

Yummy! Baby back ribs and RACKS sauce. Yes, perfect combination. At masarap nga rin ang fish and chips nila. Delish!

Ruy said...

Carlotta: You'd better!;p

Ruy said...

Toni: Hi! Their service is excellent too might I say.. The waiters in Ortigas have been consistently courteous and helpful.=)

Gita Asuncion said...

your blog entry made ma miss Racks.... it has been quite a long while since we visited. makabalik nga. ;-)

Ruy said...

Gita: Hi! I'll watch out for your post.=)

Sakai said...

love the ribs...

Ruy said...

Sakai: A stroke of genius.

Anonymous said...

Livy, if you like racks ribs, you're going to love my sister's ribs recipe. I've thought it to be THE BEST in the world (ok, prolly racks is better BUT since this one you can slather on the sauce all you want, it surpasses racks, which sometimes, can be a bit dry). i even tried to make it myself a few times and mine didn't come out bad at all (my bro liked it so much he started eating the sauce with his rice) but my sister's still is admittedly, MUCH better



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