Culinary Training

Last Thursday, Ruy and I commemorated our 7th year as a couple. We would have wanted to celebrate but unfortunately we were both busy with work.

I decided that this occasion would be the perfect excuse to get Ruy something which he’s been wanting but has never gotten around to buying for himself, an instructional food book.

The book I got him is called Kitchen Essentials by Le Cordon Bleu.

I do think that it’s the closest thing we could get at this point in time to formal culinary training. Ruy already cooks quite well but he just wants to fine tune his skills and learn the proper way of doing things instead of just winging it and hoping everything turns out okay. So while he can’t take classes in Le Cordon Bleu, Scottsdale Culinary School, Hollywood Kitchen Academy, or Sacramento Kitchen Academy Ruy will just have to make do with that book.

Now in theory, buying the book seemed like a good idea but now I’m having second thoughts. Ruy’s “Must Buy List” is growing and growing and growing.. Sometimes it gets a bit ridiculous already. For example he wants to buy a mezza luna. This is a knife shaped like a semi circle with two handles (one for each side) and is used for chopping things. He also wants to buy a fish kettle. I have yet to see a fish kettle here in the Philippines and I think it’s just a funny thing to want for someone like Ruy who is not really into fish.

I might sound like I’m whining but I really appreciate having someone who likes cooking and can do it well. This is why I’m seriously wondering if Ruy should have formal culinary training, I’m just worried he’d go home with bags full of mezza luna’s and fish kettle. Hehehe


g_mirage said...

Congratulations on your 7th year! Hope only the itches are to eat and cook!

Now, I'm gonna google what fish kettle is. lol.

Happy cooking and eating to your family!

Sakai said...

happy anniversary.. one suggestion, veer away from Le Sur Table or William and Sonoma if ever ur in the US.. grabe.. cooks paradise ...



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