Best Nights of My Life

  1. North Luzon Business/Road trip with Liv. That was the one and only time so far that I had everything I needed with me in the province.
  2. World Pyro Olympics. Contrary to what Liv remembers, I recall that we had a pretty long and leisurely chat at the hotel lounge over cocktails and liquor (which got me dizzy and sick later that evening) while we watched the awesome display.
    I guess it was a good night for me cause i was eventually at the receiving end of Olivia's nanny/Ruysitting services. First class!!!
  3. Boracay with Liv, Cyril and officemates. Nothing like a summer evening in Boracay bingeing on Gastof's ribs and barbecues then lounging by the beach, legs comfortably stretched on the sand with a bottomless iced tea shake in hand. Of course as a perfect conclusion to an entire day of adventuring, snorkling and holding hands... Yikee!!!!
  4. Discovery Weekend evenings when we'd wrap up the day's important lessons and discussions after a dinner of Nani's adobo which Liv insisted on bringing (and became a hit among the people who were lucky enough to be our tablemates). Though the entire weekend experience was priceless, I hold the evening where we had confession as the most special for me. It just felt right.
  5. World premiere of Star Wars Episode I in Glorietta. After decades of waiting, I was once again one with the Force... with a Wendy's Big Bacon Classic Double. Wooohooo!!!!

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