Weird Babblings

Weirdest Compliment I’ve ever received: You look so nice in that skirt you remind me of Maricel Soriano

Weirdest Insult I’ve ever heard: Mukha kang birch tree!

Weirdest Dream: My boss said that when he was a kid he wanted to be a fire engine…not a fire man, a fire engine

Weirdest Statement: A client of mine said, I saw your president (pertaining to the president of our country) she looks like you noh?

Weird Interview Answer (my personal experience):

Liv:What’s your greatest strength?
Applicant: My ococness….
Liv: Excuse

Weird Interview Answer (from a friend of mine):

Interviewer: Describe yourself in a nutshell.

Applicant: Well it would
be very small, and dark….

Weirdest Interview Experience (previous company):

Liv: So how did you hear about our company?

Applicant: Your boss saw me
in the CR 30 minutes ago and asked me if I wanted to apply.

(That made me decide to quit right there and then…hehehe)

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