Buko Pie

A good place to stop for a quick
merienda or pasalubong in Nueva Vizcaya
would be
Special Buko Pie.

From the outside, a visibly overworked oven's endless churning of
buko pies along with the people scrambling to usher them out and pack them into boxes sort of give me a vision of Santa's little helpers hustling tirelessly in the toy factory to meet the Christmas Eve deadline.

G&B brings a
different twist to the
usual buko
pie. It uses thin
layers of soft
buko with a creamy filling
in between the
buko layers that tastes
like custard (it's kind of like
having macapuno and
leche flan
inside a pie).

Best eaten as soon as it
is bought, the golden crust
adds a final touch of a distinct
buttery taste to complete the
G&B buko pie experience. Its richness overwhelms as the
soft shell
leads to the warm
cream and soft buko.
Should you
plan on taking some home
pasalubong (3 for P110 makes this pasalubong
inexpensive but special),
simply let the
salespeople know and
they'll give
you the cooled down pies which are
better for
and long travel. I
regularly buy pies here
which are taken to
Bicol by land. No problem.
G&B is located at the
main highway
along Bagabag
Nueva Vizcaya. If
you're coming from Solano
just look
for their sign on your
right. It comes
before the road forks
Ifugao Province and Isabela (if you've gotten that far then you'll most probably know what I'm talking about). =)


Anonymous said...

G&B Buko pie is the most delicious pie ever!
My parents just came back to Toronto from the Philippines and brought me a box of G&B Bukopie.... it's the tastiest bukopie in the world! I'm cravin' for it right now!!

Ruy said...

anonymous: It's even better fresh off the oven!
Maybe it's time for a visit to the Philippines!=)

Donna said...

I've tasted that buko pie and it is surely delicious even it's stored in the ref. I wonder how they prepared it.

My husband and my officemates here in Bulacan love G&B buko pie. Walang sinabi ang buko pie ng Laguna.



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