Olivia the Chef?

…or should I say, Olivia -feeling-chef. Ruy will be going to the province tomorrow so we won’t be able to celebrate his birthday together. I decided to cook dinner tonight to celebrate his birthday. Now, this seems like a very simple thing except that I don’t cook…at all!! So this is going to be a very challenging night and I sure hope I don’t end up poisoning Ruy. My menu for tonight consists of:

  1. Farmer’s Beef Stew
  2. Onion Rings
  3. Blue Cheese Butter-Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Butter-Infused Pan Sauce
  4. Mashed Potatoes

The onion rings is a bit off I know but Ruy likes those so I might as well incorporate it somehow. I also don’t have dessert so I’ll probably just feed him the truffles I bought earlier. Wish me luck!!

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