Igan's the home of cardiac delights..

One of my favorite eating places in Cabanatuan City would have to be Igan's Food House and Litsonan. It is located at the left side of the highway just as you enter Cabanatuan (coming from Bulacan) as part of a 2 kilometer stretch of litsonans adorning the city's entryway.
I first came across Igan's travelling with an office mate "Kuya Boy" around two years ago. We were quite hungry then and desperate for food as we entered the Cabanatuan lechon stretch where Igan's, nestled oh so sweetly under the cool shade of several huge trees, hollered to us with the sweet sound of lechon chopping and food cooking. I've been a regular ever since.

A friendly bunch of people manning the food service and an equally friendly and accommodating owner and head cook Ms. Elaine, excellent service, cholesterol heavy good food and affordable pricing all conspire to give the eater the sweetest cardiac delight.


Lechon of course! Always fresh out of the roasting pit at around lunch time, Igan's Litson's lechon is one of the best in the area. The meat is juicy and the skin is crisp with just the right layer of fat that offers an excellent compliment to the crunch (and there's always extra if you ask nicely =)). Igan's is where a person around Cabanatuan can satisfy a lechon craving without waiting for the next town fiesta.

At P75 for 1/4 kg it is definitely worth it.

Sisig. Cooked the kapampangan way (not sizzling), it's a zesty blend of spices, onions, creamy sauce and yes... chopped lechon bits. I just crave for this as much as the lechon.

P40 for an order is quite cheap really although my heart's quite thankful they offer half servings of this for P25.


I eat veggies too! A nice version created by Ms. Elaine has veggies, tofu, squidballs, squid and other stuff. Also P40 per dish if i remember correctly.

Other favorites in Igan's are their kalderetang kambing (P50), sizzling pusit (P60) and bulalo (P70).

Having a great meal need not be expensive as long as you're willing to rough it up a bit -- inside a hut and under a tree.=)

(pictures to follow cause blogger's not cooperating)

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