PMS... Ruy Style

Every year Ruy throws 2-3 tantrums, that’s a mere 0.5% of the number of tantrums I myself throw. I at least try to move out of his way when he does have these tantrums.

Ruy and I barely fight, we've only shouted at each other maybe once or twice. We do argue a lot although by arguing I mean debating for hours (and when I say hours I mean this literally). I often find myself raising my voice when I get frustrated and Ruy does so when he's surprised. Other than the increase in decibel to show our irritation we don't do anything else. We don't hit, cuss nor whisper any profanities to each other.

The scenario would be:

- Liv and Ruy talks
- Liv gets pissed
- Ruy has no idea Liv's pissed
- Liv gets pissed even more as Ruy doesn't know she's pissed.
- Liv gets quiet
- Ruy gets worried
- Liv remains quiet, the calm before the storm
- Ruy keeps on asking "What's wrong?"
- Liv can't hold it in any longer and lashes out (dramatic I know)
- Ruy's surprised at how a small offense can mean such a big thing
- They argue
- They reconcile.

That is the natural progression of things. We have fallen comfortably into this pattern so much so that when something falls out of place we are both surprised. Yesterday we were both faced with a surprise...Ruy threw a tantrum.

He hasn't thrown a serious tantrum in a long while so I didn't know how to react to this. What's even more surprising was the trigger of the tantrum...a stupid lambing from myself. The progression therefore changed into:

- Liv says something
- Ruy takes offense and lashes out
- Liv is surprised and gets very defensive
- Ruy is pissed at Liv's defensiveness
- Liv is pissed that Ruy's pissed....

You can imagine how frustrating this whole process is for both of us. Everytime we try to forget about it, I say something that gets Ruy started again. How did this end? I sent him a text saying:

"Love you honey...even if you are sooo sungit. Are you pms-ing? =)"

This made him laugh and we finally had a fight-free conversation least for 20 minutes. Whew!

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Marj and Carlos said...

Hehe. I can somewhat relate to your arguments. Sometimes we're like that too. Kaso sometimes I just cut things short and say it directly why I'm annoyed.



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