Ruy-filled Weekend - Saturday Edition

Saturday began with me wakin gup really sick. I could barely speak and throat was hurting like hell. I knew I was going down with the flu the moment I opened my eyes. Nevertheless, flu or no flu I still needed to do some errands for my grandmother, so it's off to here and there doing this and that. After that I proceeded to the parlor for waxing, blowdry, manicure, pedicure and eyebrow shaping. It has been a loooong time since I last went to this parlor and they were surprised at two things: 1. I lost weight...YEHEY! and 2. My hair is now extremely long, yup it now reaches down the curve of my back when straightened. I would have to admit though that I hate hate hate having hair that long, it's just crazy, can you imagine how much hot oil, and hair color costs now? I need to keep it long however for my wedding. *sigh*

Parlor-home-Ruy's car. So from the parlor, I went back home, took a bath, put on my party clothes, rode Ruy's car and drove with him all the way to Laguna for Angie's wedding. I must say it was an EXTREMELY ORGANIZED wedding. I think the pictures Angie posted say it all. Ruy was quite impressed with the attention to detail Angie has shown. Congratulations girl!

We went on our way back to Manila at 8:30 to be in time for Zsa Zsa'a birthday get together. Ruy and I were amazed at how we can never seem to be late for anything. We were early for Angie's wedding as well as for Zsazsa's party. Damn.

12:00 found Lolo Ruy sleepy so we headed home.

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