Ruy-filled Weekend - Sunday Edition

It's Sunday, I've already been on a Ruy overload, imagine being with him for more than 8 hours 2 days in a row. It's unheard of...I'm exaggerating of course. We've actually spent days and days together during our vacations but now that we're both busy with work it's become almost impossible to do that.

So it's Sunday, and unbeknownst to my grandmother we are throwing a surprise celebration for her. I don't know how I pulled it off under my grandmother's nose but it happened. My grandmother had no idea until she saw the cake, and even then she didn't know how elaborate the scheme was. All the grandchildren (okay not all, just most) brought food and so we had a small feast there at home. Mary (my lola's alalay) was even able to cook rice using the rice cooker without my lola knowing about it (she cooked the rice inside her room). Ruy brought over balloons for my lola. We feasted on: roast beef, cordon bleu, elar's lechon, barbecue, spaghetti bolognese, cake and of course the ever present pineapple juice.

Ruy was there of course, she knows how special my lola is to me and so he made sure he'd be there.

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