February 17, 2007

It's final, we're getting married on February 17. I love love love this date. I don't know why, I just do. I was just telling our good friend Dorothy that I never felt any affinity to the date December 2 and I'm so excited about the change of date.

You know how I feel now? I feel like I've been given an extra 2 months to prepare for my wedding. It's like a bonus. All my suppliers are more or less final so I'm practically all set.

So I am extremely satisfied with the arrangement, one person who is not as satisfied is my mother. I think she's dying to give me away. More on this later


arevalos said...

hopefully the change would also result in a more relaxed, in-the-moment bride :)

the laurel leaf said...

Hi Liv,

I think nakaabot ka pa sa second spring this year. Read this from John Rana's post in the mailing list. The Chinese say this year (Year of the Dog) has two springs, one in Feb 4 of this year, and aabot siya sa spring next year, when the Year of the Dog ends on your day. Which is why they say the year of the dog is a good year to get married. :)



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