Welcome to the Family

Last Saturday my sister celebrated her 7th Birthday and of course Ruy was present. He really had no choice but to be there. My family is chockful of social obligations that you just HAVE to do. As my fiance, being present in my only sister's party was of course a must.

When my relatives started arriving my mom introduced Ruy as her "manugang". I was stunned, wow! I personally hate the sound of the word manugang, I don't know why but it sounds so old to me, I can't believe my mom (who looked stunning during the party by the way) has a However, I cannot help but be touched by the thought of my mom really considering Ruy as an inlaw.

My mom actually bugged Ruy about our wedding date. She said "Nakakainis naman kayo bakit minove nyo pa!". Is this normal? Seems like my mom's really itching to have me married off. When she found out that we MIGHT get married civilly first she was extremely pleased...too pleased. Odd isn't it? I later found out through her that she's afraid I might break up with Ruy and end up with a bad person. Sheeesh

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