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I need to have a quick rundown of things still lacking in my wedding preps. I know I still have over a year to prepare but I don't want to cram. And anyone who knows me from college would know that I am the queen of cramming. So here is a list of everything we're missing

    • Bridal Car = I refuse to take the honda from the package of Juan Carlo so I'll probably be using Papa's silver mercedes or white pajero, depends on what we want.
    • Flowers = we're currently looking for suppliers. My fallback would be Steve Dorotan and Flowers of May. Kleyr from Red Orange Weddings told me that she would email her list of suppliers to me before the week ends. Hopefully we'll find one from her list.
    • Accomodations = Ruy will be staying in their family's house in Tagaytay. I don't know where I would be staying. Any old place would do, I really don't care.
    • Cake? = I'm not sure if we're getting the one in the package, sticking with Alex Franco or getting another one...need to talk about this A.S.A.P.
    • Souvenir = we already have an idea but it hasn't been bought, my aunt is offering to buy if for me so she could bring it home from the US in June. We also have several other options available.
    • Invites, Misalettes, Programme, Etc. = I'm doing everything with the help of my friends, I've already finished the misalette but we're finding for a very good printer. This will be something which will suck the life out of me. I can just imagine.

That's it? Not bad!! I think this is perfectly doable. It's the paying for everything which is difficult. hehehe

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