Ruy-filled Weekend - Friday Edition

I used to be resentful of the fact that Ruy and I only get to spend one day a week together. Patric used to tease me that I'm like one of those martyr seaman's wife waiting for her man to come home. I have repeatedly said that seeing Ruy more than once a week is a bonus in itself, IF that is so then this weekend was the jackpot prize.

Friday started quite late for me. Ruy and I were both on leave as we chose to spend this day dealing with some wedding suppliers. Ironically though we ended up accomplishing only two things for the wedding. We started with a meeting with Loi. (Loi I don't know if you are reading this but we thank you soooooooooo much. It was so much fun. Ruy was so happy.) Loi is my friend who is doing something special for our wedding. I'm sooooo excited to see the result Loi. Thanks for sparing 2 hours of your time with us.

We then drove all the way to Veluz place where we finally paid the d.p. for my gown. Ruy loves Veluz. It's quite funny. He likes the fact that Veluz sided with him on some issues, he's also happy that Veluz said moving our wedding date from December to February was an excellent idea. Finally, he said that talking to veluz made him feel excited about the wedding again.

A trip to gateway mall then followed. Ruy and I spent 2 hours trying to choose a gift for Angie. We never knew it could be that difficult, I'm dreading the day we have to make a list for our own bridal registry...gosh that would be painful. While in gateway Ruy bought me champagne favorite! Yehey. =) I think he was a bit surprised that each small round chocolate costs around 110 each. hehehe

Finally the day ended with us driving to eastwood for me to buy a shawl for Saturday....

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