Anniversary Places for 10k

10k is definitely more than enough for 2 people to spend on an anniversary. If you are lucky enough to have this much here are some options for you....

1. Seven Suites

  • hotel and observatory in Antipolo
  • owned by the group who owns Cravings.
  • has a restaurant with a wonderful wonderful view overlooking the metropolis.
  • the resto served okay food in the past but i heard that it's better now (under new management or something like that.
  • they have an observatory you can use to gaze at stars (awwww)
  • it's usually empty so you'll really feel like you own the place.
2. Vieux Chalet

  • If you're after isolation.
  • An annex of the Vieux Chalet resto
  • Rico said they offer massages for the people who reserve with them
  • They have a package with meals
  • Vieux Chalet is also in Antipolo

3. I Love Boutique

  • This wonderful and very expensive (IMO) place is the ultimate in luxury
  • serves a mean churros
  • has wonderful toiletries which the men would not understand but the women would love
  • What the men would understand is their plasma

4. 8 Waves

  • This is in Bulacan and would be good if you actually want to do some activities during your anniversary.
  • It comes with a breakfast meal from Pancake House
  • It's something different and would best fit the more active couple

5. Batangas Resorts

6. Any of the hotels in Manila

7. Any of the motels in Manila (i know this sounds sleazy...but hey married couples would benefit from this every once in a while...wahahha)

All of these places cost so much less than 10K!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Liv,

Thanks heaps! Would discuss this with my hubby when we get home and oh dear! im getting more and more excited. btw, i didn't plan for any getaway but its my hubby's idea...sooo sweet! maybe because i've been teasing him about the flowers he promised me on one of his few love notes--{"masanay kang makatanggap ng flowers...blah!"} well, so far, i just received two bouquets...and not counting..haha!---rona

Olivia said...

I say a romantic getaway is heaps better than flowers...weheheh!! Have fun!!! And girl, that budget should buy you a whole lot of fun

Litzie said...

Liv I will surely keep this in mind... especially No. 7?! hahaha...



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