Pampanga - Bretto's

On our way to Pampanga I gave Ruy several criteria as to our food place and on top of my list are:

  1. Restos you can't find in Manila
I guess that would explain how we ended up in Bretto's. It's a tiny hole in the wall place along Angeles . The place from the outside can be described as non descript at best. It would be too easy to miss this place so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for that Bretto's sign.


There was no decent parking space (except for a lot right across the street) so Ruy had to park the car as I scanned the menu.


Stepping inside the first part of the restaurant is like stepping inside a Santi's store. Practically the same merchandise only a bit cheaper. The best part is you can actually choose from any of their merchandise, have it cooked any way you want and they will serve it to you. We found out about this too late so we weren't able to do this.


Ruy ordered a roast beef sandwich which was GINORMOUS!!! They were also extremely generous with their sauces which of course made Ruy very very happy. I just had to steal some of Ruy's fries cause they looked so yummy...and they were!

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I ordered one of their crock pot dishes. I ordered this because it reminded me of a certain point in my childhood when my mother was obsessing over her crock pot. The particular dish I had was the swiss steak. What you can see here is half of the HUGE serving. I can't believe this only costs 200++ pesos. I would have wanted more flavor with the beef but it was a good dish nonetheless.


They said their specialty were their cheesecakes so I decided to give it a try. I wanted the blueberry variety but the waitress refused to serve me the one they had cause she said it's not as fresh as it was supposed to be. That really made me happy because I've been victimized by establishments who continued to sell their spoiled products. I settled for the Cherry Cheesecake instead.

I am a cake snob and for that reason I didn't like this cake at all. It was just too plain and too simple. Nothing special.


They have these yummy looking pies which I wasn't able to taste because we were sooo full.


Here's a page from their menu.


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