A Pampanga Kaldereta

I just want to share a recent favorite from Pampanga while Liv finishes our impromptu food trip story.
Being a person who enjoy's strong flavors and home style cooking, I was pleasantly surprised with Teresita Razon's Kaldereta. The meat is slow cooked to a tenderness that seems to crumble in the mouth as its juices thicken with tomatoes and spices into an intensely rich sauce. The flavor just explodes.
The serving is quite small at P75 for a dish that is just plopped on a bowl with a small scoop of plain rice but I'm happy enough with it to remedy it with an additional order of Chicharong Bulaklak Rice (when I'm super hungry).
The branches I frequent are the ones in San Fernando a few meters after the flyover heading towards the direction of Bataan along the main highway and at the relatively new Caltex station at the manila-bound lane of the NLEX after the San Fernando exit.

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