Homerun Hotdogs -- No Strikes with this Hotdog

Okay, Ruy and I appreciate good and gourmet food but we're junkies at heart. Yup, if it's bad for us we certainly like it. =) We found this hotdog stand that sells hotdogs which are sooo bad for us that they're sooo good...HOMERUN HOTDOGS.

While going through their menu my eyes were instantly drawn to their sloppy hotdogs. These beauties are hotdog sandwiches loaded with so much of the bad err good stuff.

My order is called Garlic Cheese. I was actually having a hard time deciding between their triple cheese (cheddar, melted cheese and cream cheese) or their Garlic Cheese. I wanted the Triple Cheese for 2 reasons, 1. I adore cheese and 2. It had cream cheese, i've never had cream cheese with my hotdog before. (this is sounding sleazy). I decided to have the best of both worlds by having the Garlic Cheese with extra cream cheese...woohoo. Garlic Cheese originally has garlic sauce, sweet pickle relish, spicy-sweet ground beef and melted cheese. I chose to have a frankfurter with those topings. Check out the picture of my order below.

Ruy, as usual, opted for the spiciest item on the menu. It's called, Hell's Kitchen. He chose the hungarian sausage and loaded it up with pepper, spicy-sweet ground beef, onions and other ingredients to add that oomph to this item which is not for the weak of heart...err tongue.

What I love about these hotdog sandwiches is the fact that it's substantial. In other hotdog sandwiches the bread is so heavy you become full just by eating it, while the weiner is sooo small it's swallowed up by the bun. Here, the bread is airy enough not to distract you from what you really paid for, the hotdog and the toppings. I was telling Ruy that the bread is just their as a holder. =)

I know eating this is not healthy, hell the owner knows this fact as well (they have an item called heartstopper and it has egg and cream cheese...etc), but if you would eat it once in a while and then eat nothing but one cob of corn for a week...i'm sure you'd be okay. =)

Here's a list of their sloppy dogs:

  • New York Supreme -chili, cheddar cheese, onions, relish, tomatoes
  • Heartstopper Supreme - fried diced egg, whole bacon strips, cheddar cheese, melted cheese
  • Texan BBQ - spicy beef, cooked onions, tomatoes, BBQ sauce
  • Hell's Kitchen - spicy hot beef, fried red and green pepper, onions, dash of Tabasco, garlic mayo sauce
  • Boston Bacon Cheese Melt - wrapped bacon, melted cheese, grated cheese
  • Garlic Cheesesteak - creamy garlic, ground beef, pickled relish, cheddar cheese
  • Triple Cheese Overload - cream cheese, melted cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon bits
  • Guacamole Sloppy Dog - avocado salsa, dash of grated cheese
  • Hawaiian Special - pineapple salsa, dash of grated cheese
  • Homerun Pizza Dog - homemade pizza sauce, grated cheese, spicy beef

If you choose the frankfurter, it would cost you 69 pesos; while hungarian sausages would cost 79 pesos.

Homerun Hotdogs


2nd Level

Trinoma Mall


Marj and Carlos said...

We go to Earle's Deli for our hotdog fix. They don't have toppings though. Since we're cheap people, we just buy the hotdogs and grill them at home. Yummy!

Mec said...

ack... sa Trinoma lang kaya meron? :D

ang layo ever pero deym, i love hotdogs too!!!

Olivia said...

Marj, where's Earle's Deli? Tell us please...Ruy's crazy over junkfood.

Olivia said...

Mec, I still have their fliers at home. I'll check and let you know ASAP.

Drew said...

wow!Hell's Kitchen! ('m actually drooling now)

Anonymous said...

I love their hotdogs too.. one of my faves is the one with honey mustard sauce! Yum!

even their rice meal is good. Franks w/ garlic rice, sunny side up and nachos w/ cheese (and its just 89 bucks) :)

btw, they have a branch in Paseo Center, Makati.

Anonymous said...

do they still have this in trinoma? coz i havent seen this planning to go tomorrow and try it..

Ruy said...

I think it was still there last time we were in the area. That was around the last quarter of last year.=& Good luck.

Anonymous said...


Thanks you deeply from HOMERUN HOTDOGS!!!, I am the owner of the place and was sooo amazed to read such great write-ups. We have in fact have 3 Branches.
1. PASEO CENTER - Ground Floor, Paseo de Roxas, Makati, beside Mac Donalds.
3. TRINOMA MALL - Food Alley

Thank you again and blessing to you all.

warmest regards,

Gene Yap said...

Hi, guys!

I saw this blog page because someone recommended Homerun to me yesterday, and our department tried it today for lunch. Our office is in Makati so we went to the one in Paseo Center. I tried the Hungarian Heartstopper. Awesome! I think I'll be visiting there more often. I also saw that you have new sausages that are not even on the menu yet, the bratwurst and a couple others. Can't wait to try those out. Mr./Ms./Mrs. Owner, please DO NOT touch the prices. They're fine just the way the are. Hehe.

There were 2 people in the booth, the chef (don't know if he's a real chef or a cook but he looks like someone you can trust to make you good food) and the cashier. They're pretty good.

What can I say, I'm already a fan. Hehehe. And it's official, Homerun's Sloopy Dogs will be our food delivery on our next department meeting.



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