A little questionaire for my wife.

Please comment on the following restaurants which have played a part in your life. What moods do they evoke and under what circumstances would you like to go back (if still open). Other insights would be appreciated.


Liv: This was our first date!!! I still remember you staring me down while we were eating. That was annoying...I wasn't used to men being able to stare back at me. I don't know if I would still like to go back, I guess if I would, it would just be for old time's sake.

Country Waffles

Liv: I loved their Monte Cristo sandwiches. The servings were great but the
service then wasn't. It brings me back to the time when we first went out with
Carmi (my bestfriend) and Cyril (your bestfriend)...Carmi was so shocked at how
much Cyril ate...heheheh. I wouldn't mind going there but I think the food's
over priced.


Liv: Mongolian!! I loved our impromptu competitions (when you would create your own bowl and I would make mine, then we'll taste each other's creations. Somehow I would always win cause yours are always dry). So to answer your question, this place evokes a sense of victory...nyahahahah. I actully really like Kublai's and I'd love to go back as soon as we find our Kublai's card.

Sweet Inspirations

Liv: This is when I found out that I can't trust you. You kissed me here
and I can't believe it. How can you take advantage of my innocence that way Ruy? How could you!!! wahahaha. I've never really liked the food here, what I always go back for are the desserts and the mango daiquiri. Wooohoo. So no I wouldn't want to go back unless it's for dessert.


Liv: HOT!!! It involves a lot of spicy memories...wahahaha. I ADORE Chili's. I'd
go back again and again and again.


Liv: Valentine's Day. You actually took me here one Valentine's Day. What a
surprise cause we usually don't celebrate that. I love the food here and of
course I love the Fruit Shake even more. I remember even carrying a huge
tupperware, going to Dulcinea, buying the shake for take-out and bringing it to
your house cause you weren't feeling well. Hmmm sweet pala ako eh

Gerry's Grill

Liv: I don't mind eating here on ordinary days in Manila. I would hate to
go back here if we were in Bora, Tagaytay...Gerry's Grill is practically 2
notches higher than Jollibee...thus it's just as addicting.


Liv: Oh wow, if you want anything to be special for me (and my family as well)
just take us to Hizon's. I love love love this place. This has to be my top
restaurant not just because of the food but because of how cozy it is. The fact
that we had our pamamanhikan there makes it even better.

Szechuan (The one in Roxas Blvd)

Liv:It was a great discovery for us but I wouldn't go looking for it anymore.
There are just too many chinese restaurants out there.
This post I wrote
over a year ago would show you why it's a good place to visit every once in a
while BUT it's not high up there on my list

Liv: Woohoo...I'd kill for some orange cake right now. I love Bellini's but it's
this visit-only-once-in-a-quarter kind of place.

Leslie's (Tagaytay)

Liv: Wahahah, one brilliant memory. Going to EK with my cousins, driving up to
Tagaytay at 10pm then going home with a take home of an order of Bulalo...only
to find 3 days later that no one brought the Bulalo down and that's why the car
stinks. No reason for me to go back, I'm sure I can eat that kind of food else

Taal Vista Lodge lounge

Liv: I don't see the point of going back here unless it's with Andrea and
Andrea's going to be playing out in their gardens...otherwise there are better
places in Tagaytay

Josephine's (Tagaytay)
Liv: memories come to mind except that of us eating here every once in
a while. Nothing special

Liv: I don't get why this is on the list. I like it but you don't. I love the
Almond Croissant and their pastries. Their juices and shakes are also
great...but once again it's something I personally like and doesn't hold any special memories for us as a couple.

Pho Hoa
Liv: Another thing I like but Ruy doesnt...UNTIL -- the Vermicelli Bowls.
YUM!! Ruy was finally converted after tasting this dish. I like so many things
in their menu, all 3 of their salads, their hot and sour soup, vermicelli bowls
(all 3 kinds); their Tofu Steak; their drinks; their Grilled Pork and Shrimp
Combo...I'm drooling right now. I swear it's a real challenge for me every day
not to eat in Pho Hoa

North Park
Liv: Lechon Macau!! I used to hate North Park until
Ruy turned me into a convert by bringing me to North Park (and YamCha). Their
Crispy Garlic Squids is what legends are made off. Wooohooo I just had dinner
and I'm getting hungry again.

Liv: My vivid memory of Mc. Donald's is that of you and I sitting there
for 5 hours while we were still students. Every hour we would try a different
flavor of their Mc. Flurry....wahahaha. Ah to be young and poor...necessity
truly is the mother of invention. Imagine coming up with a date in Mc. Donald's.
A close second with be of us meeting in Mc. Donald's the first time we ever went
out together.

What is your ideal day?
Liv: It depends, with or without Andrea? Without Andrea it
would entail a whole lot of sleeping, waking up late, watching my shows and then
going to eat somewhere and staying out till around 2 with my officemates then
sleeping again.

If we were going to have a free day together to adventure as we please, where would you want to go?
Liv: I have absolutely no idea.

How does a husband make his wife fall in love with him over and over again?
Liv: Hmmm....Treat her like your girlfriend...don't stop
courting her. I guess...oh and help or at least be ready to do so even if it
seems like it's not needed.


Ruy said...

Thank you so much for answering Liv honey! You're so right. Those vermicelli bowls are awesome. I'm hungry!

Ruy said...

On Sweet Inspirations- I was a victim of hypnosis. End of the story!!!

On Angelino's- I wasn't staring you down. I was helplessly mesmerized...

vicki said...

wow Ruy! I am quite taken by your sweet cheesiness. I love the food talk here. Favorite answer was the last one though. I agree with Livi 100%.

Ruy said...

Contrary to public perception Vicki, I am a very sensitive, sweet and delicate soul... Deep inside, I am tenderness personified... Thank you for this keen insight into my cheesy heart. I am also glad that you enjoy our food talk. We love the consuming aspect of it very much as well. =)

Litzie said...

yeah I agree with vicki... love this conversation but I had to skip and read the last part... Liv is so right! That's what I tell my husband allllll the time!

Ruy said...

hi Litzie! This husband gets told the same thing quite occassionally as well... Its not that we don't try. I guess we just sometimes lose sight. That's why we try to find out again in crafty ways because ultimately, our hearts yearn for our wives' happiness ALL THE TIME even if it may not seem that way a lot of times. As a child fumbles in saying "I love you mommy" for lack of the capacity to verbalize but never due to the lack of capacity to love as evidenced by the sweetness of their smiles as they look upon their parents eyes... Wooohooo!!! Heavy! Thanks for the post and link! =)



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