Sevilla's Bulacan

When I get requests from family for locally made sweets (usually when we have relatives visiting from the States), there's only one place I go and it's not that far from Manila. Sevilla's in San Miguel Bulacan. Having relatives in Nueva Ecija and Isabela, I've been exposed to Sevilla's sweet treats for as long as I can remember because Sevilla's stores have always been a favorite bus stop over. With the occassional relative who would bring pastillas and macapuno candies from the province back when my developing body's need for everything healthy (it's made from milk!), yummy and edible was insatiable, I would always be left "bitin" with no means of getting more of the scarce milky prize... It drove me crazy.. The difference in freshness and the plumpness of the candies from Sevilla's compared with the others, to me, was pretty obvious and I definitely appreciated good quality food even as a kid.

So needless to say, when I finally grew up to be a big guy with a job that regularly sees me passing practically at the doorstep of Sevilla's, I of course made sure to enjoy that fact. =)

These macapuno balls have always been a staple and much anticipated pasalubong. It's very easy to stuff in backpacks when travelling and easier to hide under the pillow if it's "bawal" for you. LOL.

This white thing is pastillas in thick concentrated form. It's good for making pastillas sandwich or eaten as is. I never imagined pastillas could be enjoyed by the spoonful. It's just crazy...

They also have chicharon with laman (also another bulacan specialty), macaroons, sugar coated sampaloc plus a lot more and I guess as a brilliant way of taking care or "giving back" to their most loyal sweet-toothed customers like myself, they have wisely come up with these bottled goodies.

Pickled ampalaya (bitter melon). Perfect!
Sevilla's is along the main highway going to Nueva Ecija. Taking the Sta. Rita exit from the NLEX, turn right after the toll booth heading towards the direction of Baliwag Bulacan. Keep going straight always taking the main highway. From the the exit it usually takes an hour.

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