Coney Island Joe's (From New York to Pampanga)

Another interesing Pampanga food place I've come across would be Coney Island Joe's.

A hotdog/burger joint with roots stretching all the way from Coney Island New York in the U.S. of A. Coney Island Joe's brings with it an authentic American touch and a family legacy that began sometime in 1932. According to the owner Martin Rosenfeld, he is among the Rosenfeld siblings who have pursued the fastfood heritage left by their father, and while his brothers have maintained their original place in Coney Island and expanded all over the U.S. and even Tel Aviv Israel, Martin Rosenfeld married a Filipina and saw fit to continue the family business in Angeles Pampanga.

I spotted Coney Island Joe's doing a survey for my work when I came across a prominently displayed 3 sided banner which said "EAT AT JOE'S". Checking my watch, I found that it was around lunch time and decided to heed the call.

I left my car around a block away and had to walk a bit as the parking area in front of the store was occupied by a tent which serves as an extention of the restaurant in the evenings. Upon getting closer however, a shadow of doubt crossed my mind when I saw that the establishment the sign was pertaining to had only a tiny, "private" looking entryway which was practically covered with posters and partially blocked by a cellphone reloading booth (i think). Taking a deep breath and two steps back to re-assess my destination and enduring some curious stares from people who probably noticed my confusion, I went in. Thankfully, I was right.

I stepped in and found myself in a small dining area much the size of a tiange stall in Greenhills. It had three tables with one occupied by an open laptop permanently stationed in one corner of the room (I found out later that this was used for a long distance phone call service/rental through VOIP which they offer). A small bar counter divided the dining area from the kitchen.

I immediately took care of business and asked the attendant for the specialties. Later, I ended up chatting with the owner, Martin Rosenfeld who was the self-proclaimed resident shmoozer.

The Grilled Chicken Breast On a Bun was good. The chicken was juicy and tender which is what I look forward to when eating chicken filets (a little more sauce wouldn't hurt though). The P50 price was the best part of it though.

Okay, I would say that this is one of the tastiest buffalo wings I've tasted and according to Martin, it's because they use the original buffalo wings recipe (as learned and passed on by their father).

Coney Island Joe's serves New York's world famous Sabrett hotdogs (which can be served with sauerkraut) as well as authentic White Castle Burgers (2 for P35!) which are shipped to Martin by his brothers. Along with these regular shipments also come a lot of his other cooking ingredients. They also boast of 75 year old original recipes such as the "Grilled Breast Of Chicken On-A-Bun" and Buffalo Wings which I had.

Martin's principle of making their authentic American food available to the average person is quite evident looking at the prices on the menu. He proudly states that Coney Island Joe's is a place where "A family of four can eat at P200". I agree.

Coney Island Joe's definitely provides excellent value for money for adventurers of Angeles Pampanga. And although it isn't the typical place to eat if you're looking to have a "serious" meal, it is a great place for merienda and hanging-out (they serve beer usually paired with their french fries). Not to mention the entertaining conversations provided by Martin.

Coney Island Joe's can be found at Stall 8, Fields Ave. Balibago, Angeles Pampanga with a branch in Mac Arthur Highway across from Angeles University Medical Center emergency room (next to Manson Drug).


Anonymous said...

hi ruy, I was just interested in your article because there is a restaurant called coney island joes near the place I live in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. It's closed now, but I always wondered whether or not it belonged to the Rosenfelds. Would you by any chance have the contact information for Mr. Martin Rosenfeld as I would like to ask him questions about his food chain in New York. Thank You Very Much.

My e-mail is:

Jeanne said...

For Anon: I also remember the 'Coney Island Joe's Restaurant' in Brownsville (I used to live very close to it back in the day) on Linden Blvd near the Brownsville Recreational Center and Brookdale Hospital. I was so sorry to hear that it closed down too, as it seemed to be in the almost perfect spot to attract customers. I've oftened wondered why no one has thought to reopen and perhaps even 'expand' it, because of the area that it's in and there isn't another restaurant around for a few miles. In this day and time that'd be a real 'bonus'. Thanks for the memories folks.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

This may be a stupid question, but what does P stand for?



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