Bretto's Deli (Ruy's Perspective)

I feel like I should continue with more Bretto's details which caught my eye too so I'll go ahead and do just that. =)

My roast beef sandwich - it was big, it had lots of veggies it had a decent cut of meat AND it had horseradish cream which they were nice enough to let me have free reign with! Woohoo! Except the beef could have used more flavor for me as well. Specially if one is to finish caveman-like amounts like the ones they dish out (not that I'm complaining). All in all, the P220 I paid was damn well worth it (notice how Liv's hand turns into a child's holding HALF the roast beef sandwich). And if what we were served is an indication of everything else they serve in Bretto's, I definitely wouldn't mind coming back to Pampanga over and over again.



Other roast sandwiches on the menu:


Make your own Subs- Another fun thing for me.=)


After drooling over most of the food in the menu I wanted to eat too, I decided the food I most regretted not having space in my tummy for (after my roast beef which I wasn't even able to finish) were the meat pies. Yup. They're the ones in the pictures from Liv's entry. I uploaded the page of the menu covering these wonderful looking golden brown, fresh off the oven meat pies as well...


Bretto's Fine Meat and Deli and Restaurant and Coffee Shop (whew!) can be found at 506 Don Juico Ave. Clarkview Angeles (The street parallel to the main road going to SM Clark).

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