When in Rome... what the Romans do. And when you're in Pampanga do what the Kapampangans do--EAT!! That's exactly what Ruy and I did during our impromptu Pampanga trip, not exactly a surprise considering that was the purpose of that trip from the very start.

Going to Pampanga from Manila has never been easier. The NLEX development project has ensured that the roads are straightened out guaranteeing that your travel will be fast and speedy. Now, while it's true that travelling has never been easier, it has also never been as expensive. The price of gas alone is enough to make you sweat pair that up with the exorbitant toll fees and it's enough to convince people to stay in Manila.

Luckily, our temporary moment of insanity over the weekend did not take the price of gasoline or toll into consideration. We marched err drove onto Pampanga despite the cost. When your tummy's voice takes precedence over your know you're in trouble.

We (by "we" here of course I mean Ruy) drove all the way to Pampanga, braved the repairs peppered all over NLEX and found ourselves extremely hungry. We went around Pampanga and guess what we found?

The answer to this will follow soon. =) (I'm annoying I know)

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