Blogging Difficulty

The most difficult thing about blogging about food is the wait. We have to wait until Ruy is able to take pictures of the food before I can eat it. This is incredibly tough. If you would look at Ruy's food pictures, you can see that I've already attacked the food before he was able to take a shot. Then Ruy would panic and try to reconstruct how it looked ...this would of course be a very difficult taks considering I already ate parts of it.


spanx said...


i'm one of your he said/she said blog's brand new fans ",

you and the hubby should join one of the food tours i have with anton of awesome pilipinas...

some of our friends act like food porn paparazzi, absurdo!!!

Olivia said...

Woohoo, it's nice to meet our one-man fan club. =) We'd love to join one of your food tours. We need to warn you though, we're not connoiseurs like the others but we do have big appetites to rival the best of em...Bring em on!



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