Chowking's Nai Cha - TWL

One thing Ruy and I both love is the NAI CHA from Chowking. My aunt and Ruy were both fans and they made me try it. I would have to admit that I initially found the taste weird but I eventually ended up craving for it.

What is it exactly? It's black tea with sweetened evap milk mixed with jelly. The put a whole lot of ice on the glass, pour steaming tea on top of it, pour cold milk, and lastly they add jelly. I thought they just put black gulaman on it, but others have told me that it's actually coffee jelly. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

I love looking at a freshly made glass and seeing the marbling created by the slow fusion of milk and tea. What I love more though is drinking it. =)

If I could complain about something it would be about the serving size...I think they should have a double XL eheheh.


Litzie said...

I LOVE Naicha too. Hubby and I love it so much. Ganyan ang iced tea sa Hong Kong di ba? may evap... makes us reminisce our honeymoon...

Tinggay said...

i sooo love naicha too! I used to work neaar a chowking that was open 24 hours and i'd try to buy one every day!

Olivia said...

I'm glad I have other Naicha addicts here. I'm in love with it I'm telling you. I've tried other kinds and they just can't compare



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