Orange Shake -- TWL

Second on our Tastes We Love series..."Fruitas Orange Shake". I must admit that I only got to try this yesterday but I'm already addicted. So addicted that I had some again today....and was thisclose to buying another glass before going home.

I love the interplay of the sweetness of the sugar syrup together with the tang of the orange. It's unbelievably refreshing and very affordable. It costs only 55 for their grande sized glass.


spanx said...

lasang Orange Julius ba?

Ruy said...

Orange Julius! I used to love that a lot! Meron pa ba nun? This orange shake is just plain sweetened orange. Wala nung parang milky thing ng Orange Julius. It's very refreshing though and it's light on the tummy.
Spanx, suddenly I'm missing Mango Brutus na din!



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