Where Should We Go Next?

It's funny how people have been giving us more and more suggestions as to where we should go next. Thank you for all your tips, we will definitely take them into consideration. As it is, we're already booked for the whole year. Going place to place is quite uncomfortable now cause of the weather. Why is it sooo hot? It's already October and in the past this period is already quite chilly. I'm hoping we get to visit a cool-er place soon.

Options would of course be: 1. Baguio, 2. Tagaytay, 3. Anywhere up North. The thing is, Ruy and I have already visited all these places together and so this is really nothing new for us. Haaaay if we only had enough budget (and less work here) we'd love to go to another country this year. Hmmmm, maybe we can go with Nuni and Nunu to Japan? Or visit Jen in the US? or Che in UK?

If we would have the chance to go to UK we'd definitely go to Cardiff. We've already found this site with great info for tourists and with a line-up of their activities. I'm quite excited over this Activity they have called Iris Prize. They will be showcasing 30 short films on Gay/Lesbian Pride...although I don't think Ruy would appreciate that so much...I wish Loi, Patric and I can see that. They also have a winter wonderland...this is something I'm sure Ruy would love. Ruy adores cold climates and so he'd have so much fun here. The best part about this entire thing is their affordable hotel rates. With the affordable rates in Cardiff Hotels and Birmingham Hotels, you'd end up spending less than you would if you went to I Love Boutique in Tagaytay...IMAGINE THAT!!

Come to think of it, that's all I can do. IMAGINE. Leaving the country is out of the question for us this year. Hmmm...maybe next year?


m0nai said...

I want to go country hopping, too. Well, I'm actually just dreaming of going country hopping.*_*

Cool, this is my first time to encounter a couple's blog. astig.^_^

Olivia said...

Save up for it, I swear travelling is the best way for people to learn about themselves. =)

Hope you visit us often.



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